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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Did you leave your glasses at LML Sat?

IF so, I have them.  Brown frames, look like prescription glasses.  Call me at 265-8680.
Nice group of 9 Americorp kids are staying at the Firehouse for the next week.  They told me they are clearing lots of low income seniors in the area.  Nice.  Didn't know about that program, but what a great idea.
Rain and much lower temps predicted for tomorrow, with SNOW down to 5000 ft.  Woo-hoo.  Always interesting in the moun-tains.


Gary Kildays potluck memorial was well attended yesterday.  Heartwarming just how many friends Gary had here. Lost Mine Lake really was his "baby" and he cared for it so well.  It's hard to go there and not see Gary and Margarita hanging in the parking lot, just savoring the beautiful summer days.  Memories  . . . .  .Gary was always trying to think of ways to make the Lake a great experience for the kids.  Fishing derby?  Hot dog and ice cream parties?  Stocking the lake better with fish?  Create more paths?  We'll miss his energy and ideas. I saw a beautiful yellow rose bush being planted in the memorial garden for Gary.  If you're at the lake and you have time to water it, and give a quick greeting to Gary please do so.
Didn't make the sewer info. meeting, but heard it did NOT GO WELL.  Supervisor Nate Beason was there to inform and educate, but there was a umhhhh, gentleman, who became belligerent and insulting and Nate left the meeting unable to deal with the unreasonable resident.  This is very sad indeed, as the sewer issues are the result of FEDERAL mandates, and Nate has been instrumental and incredibly resourceful in getting things moving in the right direction.  He is certainly not to blame for the quagmire the Feds. have created with the clean water restrictions (yes, we all want clean water, but also REASONABLE  mandates).  It is a very complex issue, and only cooperation and information will eventually find a workable solution. There was an informative article in the Union last week about the status quo.  I don't know why when we have issues here in the Shores there is always a person or people who show up at this meetings with BAD ATTITUDES and turn it ugly.  That DOES NOT ADVANCE the situation, and in this case no one got their questions answered when Nate departed. Cooler heads should prevail.
You gotta wonder if we vote in a new Supv. for District One if they will keep fighting for Cascade Shores like Nate has.  Attention to our roads has improved greatly, and his progress with the sewer problem has been invaluable.  That's just a few to mention, there are many more.   My 2 cents.

The womens club, headed by Kent Rees will be staffing the Firehouse above on Quaker Hill for this primary election.  For there efforts the county pays $400, which goes to the Womens Club treasury to fund their events. Thanks ladies!
My vote for one of this July's movies is HUGO.  If you did not see the startlingly beautiful Martin Scorsese film you must!  Mr. Scorsese's young daughter brought the book to his attention, and his wife asked him to PLEASE make a movie that his daughter could see!  The result is amazing.  Friday night movies in teh Firehouse parking lot are fun.  Free, with popcorn and a beverage.  You just bring a chair and your fav. banky, and your puppy dog if you want!