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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dog safety

A few weeks ago, on a beautiful fall morning, I heard the sound I dread, living on a busy road. I heard screeching brakes, a loud thud, a dog screaming in horrible pain. I saw people rush into the street, gather the wounded animal, and carry him home. I saw a forlorn driver shocked and disturbed at what had just happened And I saw a loose dog I recognized as belonging to a house 3 doors down, a dog that is often allowed to run loose on our streets, watching the events. I then saw that dog cross the very busy road to make his way home.

Today I saw the dog that got hit, being "walked" by his owner. The dogs entire rear end and legs were shaved. I could not begin to count the stitches and scars from the surgeries. She was in a "sling" and being lovingly encouraged by her owner to walk, rehabing from her "accident."
He told me that on that fall day, he had opened his gate for a few moments, and in that time, his dog had seen the "loose" dog across Quaker Hill. His dog ran to greet the other dog, and at that moment crossed paths with the truck. He accepted responsibility for having his gate open, but noted that if that loose dog had not been across the street . . . . .

The results of this unncessary event: a heartsick driver, 2 broken hearted guardians, $6000 vet bill, a dog that will have to painfully rehab and probably have horrible arthritis very early in life, that may or may not be able to move freely again.

Still think it's ok to let your dog roam freely about? Please think about it. Leash laws are there for a reason. Leash, fence, protect. Prove you love your dog, keep them safe, and in the process we will all be more safe.