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Friday, August 12, 2011

Where has the time gone???

First, I want to thank you wonderful people I have run into lately that have thanked me for my blog, thereby reminding me that I have not blogged (verb?) for awhile. Much has happened around here at Casa de Perros. First, my majorly cute foster dog OSCAR got adopted by a lovely couple in Carson City, Nevada. Bless you Oscar, you stole my heart! We drove him to them yesterday, a long beautiful tearful ride around Lake Tahoe, and on the way there and back saw so many amazing hot rods and classic cars, then realized it was Hot August Nights in Reno. So had to stop and have dinner and peruse town. If you love cars even a little, or want to relive your childhood you have to go the HAN in Reno. The people watching is spectacular too! Oh buy back to OSCAR, who will be living on the high desert with an 8 year old Rottweiler sister, chickens, and Wild horses, as his 1 1/3 acres borders BLM land. We saw 2 herds right outside his fence, and he was not even impressed. I was. They were beautiful healthy looking horses. Lucky Oscar.
Around the shores, could the weather be more perfect? I think not! In the low 80's and dry and just yummy . Enjoy. The big lake is officially bath water temp, and everyone is smiling and it seems last winter's hardship are forgotten. Well, except we are all still cleaning up trees. I ran into Michael Cotton (Michaels Tree Service) and he has a very big smile on his face. He said he see's it taking probably 2 years to clean up the storm of 2011. Then I saw Brian Bixler (Bixler's Tree Service) and he's pretty happy with the amount of work available here in the shores too. So if you're dragging your heels, better line these guys up if you want work done this year. Shop local! Their phone numbers are on the service provider list.
Don't know if you've noticed, but the pot hole on my corner (Banner Quaker and Pasquale) is graduating from a pot hole to a swimming hole. We call it Lake Pasquale, or Pasquale Ice Rink in winter. Anyway, I saw that they are resurfacing Pasquale from the Red Dog end, so I emailed Nate Beason, Supv. of Dist 1, (love that man) and asked him to see if he could get the guys to come down and repair that hole before some poor person in a little car disappears into it! Within 24 hours he answered me back and got Doug Farrel of roads dept to commit to fixing "soon". We'll see how that goes. Nate is pretty good at getting things done.
This is the time of year you can usually get a pretty good seat for the annual meteor shower, though I think the waning moon (is it waxing or waning, I forget) may cause less than perfect viewing. We often go down to the boat ramp with pillows and lay down and watch the show. James Mayer (thanks James) sent me a link for when you can view the Space Station in the sky, but I'm too lame to read it properly. However it is so I think if you google Satellite Sighting/Grass Valley you can view it (i'm also to lame to transfer the Nasa link).
Lost Mine Lake is reserved tomorrow, Sat. the 12th. The children's climbing thingy got restained today, and I stopped by and did some weeding/cleanup in the area around the playstructure.
Warning to the wise: August is the month I have usually seen rattlers (yes, rattlesnakes) down in the diggins'. So make sure your kids know what they look like and how to evade them. Seriously.
After watching the GOP debates, minus Ms Palin, who is touring Iowa, again stealing someone else's thunder, we tried to come up with a few slogans for her campaign, just in case. How about "Palin 2012, "Stupid IS the new Smart" Or, "Sarah, Twice the Man You'll Ever Be." Or nice and simple like "Sarah - GOTCHA!" CUMON, that's a little funny. Well, it is behind 1/2 bottle of white wine . . . .
In case you're a newby, and you'd like to join a walking group, just want to let you know that if you are are the Firehouse on Monday, Wed and Friday, 8 AM SHARP, there is a group that walks 1 1/2 miles out Pasquale and back, (yes, that's a total of 3 miles) and dogs are welcome, on or off leash. They keep a pretty good pace, and you will be back at the firehouse by 9am, and you're dog will sleep till 12! The faces change, but there usually is someone there.
Reminder of upcoming events on the calendar: Aug 20th, Wine tasting at LML. Bring and appetizer and wine to share and visit with neighbors. The Wed night BBQ's are still happening too. Some serious horseshoes going on down there. . . .
September 10th is the annual community yard sale at the Firehouse. Great event. Bring your treasures to sell, or bring you mad money and buy. Lots of fun, and burgers/chips/drinks for lunch. This is you chance to purge your life of those useful but no longer needed items, or but a great recycled item and help save the planet. It only works if you work it!
September 18th is the Barbara Schmidt Millar triathalon at Scotts Flat. You are probably noticing the athletes jogging and biking around here right now. Give them a wide berth on Pasquale. This is a great event that raises money the free cancer screenings at Sierra Nevada Hosp. and raises awareness. A dear friend here in the Shores has recently been diagnoses with breast cancer, reminding me that 1 in 8 women will experience it in their life. So, please support this event, and be sure to give these wonderful athletes the respect they deserve.
The taco's at the store on Taco Tuesday are pretty freaking good. Suggest you check em out.
Met a nice retired General Contractor names Herve, who bought a house on Summit Ridge. He and his son do house painting and other handy things. So, we're getting our house painted by them next week. Tres exciting, but sooo hard to pic out a color. I'll let you know how it turns out.
OMG, are you watching Trueblood. Can you even believe how wimpy Eric has become. Where is my wonderful evil vampire. He's become a total wuss. This must end! Vampires are not supposed to be sensitive and "in touch with their feminine side." YUCK!
Were you ever a fan of the 80's show "Absolutely Fabulous.?" One of my favs, also known as ABFAB. Well, it's in rerun on LOGO, channel 146 on Comcast, and it's doubly funny the 2nd time around. Gotta love that British humor. And then if you hang is, it's RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE, which I can't explain, but you must see to believe. Who doesn't love to watch a bunch of outrageous Drag Queens makeover plain jane wannabe's?
IN case you weren't aware, we had a scheduled power outage from 8am - 1pm ish today. So, reset those clocks and timers.