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Saturday, November 8, 2008


In case you haven't gotten the word, you can save big bucks on Surburban Propane by joining the Cascade Shores HomeOwners Assn. For instance, the difference in the non-member vs member price for November is $2.99 vs $2.05. That's a savings of 31%! One tank alone would more than pay for your membership for the year. The average savings per gallon over the last 7 months was 24%. So, whatddaya waiting for? Also, you can go down to Surburbans station in Brunswick and fill your portable tanks or motor home for the same great savings. Who doesn't want to save that kind of money on fuel these days??????????? You can download a membership application from the website.

Quaker Hill Rd clean-up

Well, myself and 6 other Cascade Shores Homeowners's board members did our quarterly "big hill cleanup" today. We start at the top of the big hill and clean the litter all the way to the firehouse. As always, we found some interesting items, 25' tape measure (thanks!) a new snow shovel (finders keepers) and the usual bottles, cans, fast food refuse and car parts. The most disturbing find is always the amount of cigarette butts (indicating that folks actually throw out lit butts in a high fire zone). What's up with that? If you know anyone with that habit, talk to them, will ya. We love our homes and community. What a waste to loose any part of it because someone didn't want to use their ashtray.

chipping program/burn season

Well, the latest word on chipping program is that county is still awaiting additional funds. So, the good news is that the program is not dead, but the bad news is their not ready to resume YET.

Burn season has commenced. Call 274-7928 to see if it is an official "OK to burn day." A recording will advise you. As always, be careful out there, and keep a hose ready. Getting a good hot "wood fire" going first will help to not produce excess smoke, (we use our "sacrificial oak" to keep fire hot and flaming).