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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So much changes in a few days

Well, if you read the below, I have to share the good and bad news. 2 dogs were wonderfully adopted, 1 is in foster with intent to adopt, and one is with a foster until the perfect home is found. Unfortunately, 2 escaped 2 different locations, and are probably trying to make their way home.
So, if you know ANYONE who has knowledge of loose ShihTzu's in Grass Valley or Nevada City, please contact me at 530-210-1488. Thanks so much. Both are black and white, small, and scared.
4 members of the Cascade Shores Womens Club participated last Friday night in "Are you as Smart as a 6th Grader." The team competition benefits the schools, hot meals, etc. for local kids. After placing 2nd last year, we were confident we could win a prize this year, and we did! We received the "Sour Apple" award, a beautiful glass apple, for placing DEAD LAST. Ohhhh, those questions. The algebra made me dizzy, the history drew a blank, the ecology was GREEK. I think we got 18 right out of 40. So, next year, we need you brainiacs to join our team! Sample question: Of all the countries Alexander the Great conquered, how many had cities named after him, Alexandria? 1, 4, 7, 13. another: What civilization invented the wheel? Chinese, Samarians, Greeks, Phoenicians. SEE WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. I should go back to school, starting with 3rd grade! No fair googling. Did I mention I was one of the four geniuses?
Did you enjoy our first mini snow last night? Yes, woke up to some of the white stuff in the driveway. All I could think of was Dixie lounging by the pool in Kauai. Ahhhh, the benefit of having a daughter that lives on the islands.
Today was the Womens Club soup luncheon at firehouse, with bingo and white elephant gift exchange. Big fun. They discussed their new board, and the kids Christmas party to be held on
Sat. 18th. Santa will of course attend, and there will be crafts and games, elves to help the little ones, and lots of good snacks. Please feel free to attend the free celebration from 1pm till 3pm.
I was reading a craiglist item today. It was under "rentals wanted" and they wrote: looking for 2 bed/2 bath so we can return to Nevada County. We moved to Reno, and it's awful. No trees and it smells like pee. Please help us return home! Awwww. That's so sweet. I love our "peeless" pine smelling air too.