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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


A little history lesson: The lovely white columned house on the left hand side of upper Broad St. was built in 1911 by Senator Aaron Sargent and his wife Ellen. Senator Sargent settled in Nevada City in1850, was district attorney in 1856, worked at and owned a local paper, served on Calif. senate, and elected to US Senate 1873-1879. In 1878 he introduced the 29 words that would become the 19th amendment some 42 years later. You know, the one that allowed women to vote. You see, his wife was a leading voting rights advocate, and friend of Susan B. Anthony. Interesting, an enlightened man who listens to his wife. The 19th amendment was ratified 08/18/1920. The final wording was "The right of citizens of US to vote shall not be denied by US or any State on account of sex." (Listen up prop. 8 supporters. We have been down this road before . . . )
So let's flash forward to 2004, when the lovely home, known as Grandmere's Inn, a popular B&B and wedding destination, was purchased by a family and turned into a private home. The selling owner was from Carmel, Ca, and had no feelings either way about the loss of business to Nevada City. Believe me, Grandmere's brought NC alot of business. I was a caterer at the time, and spring and summer weddings kept the place hopping. Winter holidays and events kept it fully occupied. Restaurants, wineries and shops benefited greatly. The purchaser had no regard for this lovely piece of Nevada History being able to be shared with the public. A deal is a deal.
Now the house has become a victim of "foreclosure" and it's lastest owners wish to reopen as a B&B. However, an a ordinance,legal mumbo jumbo and complaints from some other B&B owners are preventing this.
So the new question is, should an exception be made/ordinance be revoked to restore the Aaron Sargent House to a viable business. What do you think Aaron Sargent would do? Open the doors and let history live and let the community have access to this important piece of our heritage, or close the doors and let maybe a family of 4 live elegantly here in Nevada City? I think I know the answer, but would like to hear from you. A small hurdle towards restoring the B&Bmay be jumped at the City hall Thu. at 6:30, 317 Broad St.
League of Women Voters: maybe you should weigh in on this at meetings.
By the way, have you ever visited Senator Sargents grave at Pioneer Cemetery on west Broad St. It's the overgrown area to the right of the well kept part. It's a beautiful old overgrown secret place, with great views of town.
Yay, Neil will be reopening his Fiorio's Olive Oil shop (and magical vinegars and a plethora of awesome gourmet items) on Spring St. in Nevada City. If you didn't visit it before it burned last week on Mill St, be sure to visit in Nevada City. Neil can't wait for his space to be restored in GV, and thinks NC is a great fit for his products. Our gain!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

stuff coming up

The annual flea market at the Firehouse is being held on Sat. 09/11. If you want a booth, call or email Pam Herrenkohl. This is your opportunity to clean out the house and garage for the season!
Or, this is you chance to pick up some treasures. I love the sign I once saw at a shop "WE BUY JUNK AND SELL ANTIQUES." That can be you!
The annual Triathalon is on 9/19. Remember, the streets around the Lake are closed until 1pm or so.
Have you tried the Idaho Maryland/Banner Lava Cap route up here lately? They are doing heavy duty construction on the roads there, and the back up can be up to 20 minutes. Wise to avoid right now. I think it wraps up around 09/19 also.