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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Better watch out, better not cry! Santa will again make a personal appearance at the Firehouse on Saturday 12/13 from 1-4pm. FREE kids party sponsored by CS Womens club includes games, craft, snacks and SANTA! This is really a great time for all, and I believe they will be selling HOMEMADE Tamale lunches again (seriously good stuff). A great way to get in the mood and mingle with other families. Don't worry, I'll remind you again. Look for signs or check Firehouse billboard for reminders. The kids really enjoy this gig. And the looks on their faces when they see Santa (some for 1st time) is priceless. Bring your camera.

Halloween party for kids was a blast. Once again, at least 30 kids and parents attended.
God Bless Carol Carter and Bill Carter for all they do for these functions. She is the genius behind these get-to-gethers (she'll never admit it).

To Donate Or Not To Donate

Things are tough for most of us this year, and as you may guess, donations are down. I went to the dinner and silent auction at the Foundry last weekend put on by Kawaias. As I was trolling the tables looking for something to bid on, I though about what a win/win proposition these events actually are. In the case that you were planning to buy and item or service anyway (and there are so many to choose from!) for yourself, or as a birthday or Christmas gift, by purchasing at the auction you will (1) get the item at the retail or better price and (2) the full amount goes to the charity (not some corporation). A classic case of getting your cake and eating it too! I left with much of my Christmas shopping done, a few services in town that I will gladly use this season, and the money goes to a GREAT CAUSE. Many thanks to the businesses that donate these wonderful goods, and if you go, remember, you can afford to be generous with your bids! Between the auctions, street fairs and all our charming shops, who needs big box stores???????