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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Got that White Christmas!

Well Shorites, hope you were happy to be blessed with a White Christmas.  Yeppa, got the white stuff falling Monday all day, and even a bit more in the wee hours of Tuesday and Tuesday morn.  It is beautiful, and the hill stayed open.  Had an interesting power outage on Sunday (heard tree down on Red Dog and here in the Shores contributing), but was restored around 5pm.  I had a house full, 7 people and 11, yes ELEVEN dogs.  We are indeed a happy doggy family.  So, despite the power outage we had fun, played games and made wonderful nibbles and drinks.  At 10pm on Christmas Eve we finally sat in a circle to open all our Santa gifts at the precise moment the power went out again.  Aargh!  It was quickly restored (some kind of cosmic joke) and all was calm, all was bright!
Hope you had a wonderful Holiday and stayed warm, dry and well lit.
Home with most Christmas cheer is John and Aurelia at the corner of Sargent Jacob and Banner Quaker Hill a block past the store on the right.  Impressive.  
Bad news.  In the wee hours of Monday morning (like 3am) cars were broken into and stuff stolen (mine being one).  Apparently someone a few doors from me caught the guy red handed at 3am, and chased him away.  She described him as late 20's, clean cut, with dark hair.  I think he was capitalizing on unlocked cars, so be sure you lock up!  Hopefully getting caught and chased will deter him, but be aware. I make a report to sheriff, and if you got hit, you should call them and report too.  If they know what items were taken it may help if they catch him.  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

On the brighter side:

A few people have prodded me to get back to blogging, and stay away from the "dark side."  I know, reporting deaths only makes me technically an OBIT, and I need to lighten up.
Last night I attended the Womens Club (+partners) dinner at Trolley Junction.  Great party of about 22, and had lots of fun catching up and chowing down.  Lots of thanks to Charlotte Starn who organizes so much for CSWC.  
The childrens Christmas Party was held today.  Even Santa attended.  This is just another great event that the Womens Club makes happen faithfully each year.  It is such a fun community event, with crafts, games, Santa and great snacks. Kids take home a gift bag.  It's a free event, and no one turned away, so I hope if you have a little one you brought them.
We got our first snow of the season today, starting at about 4pm.  Just a beautiful postcard snow.  I think it will be a short but sweet storm, and with any luck will snow during Victorian Christmas downtown tomorrow.  It begins a 1:30 - 6pm, and should be just beautiful, with a chance to pick up one of those unique items from a local vendor, a real win-win.  I'll be there and hope to see you.
I can't talk without saying that our local shelter is FULL of great dogs.  Even if adopting a dog is not right for you now, do you think you could have a canine house guest for a few weeks.  Sammie's Friends is looking for foster homes so the dogs don't have to spend this holiday in a small concrete enclosure, but instead the warmth and love a real home.  Coulild that be you?  They'll try to match you with a dog that works in your situation.  Call 471-5041 and talk to Ruth, Cheryl or Debbie.  Thanks.
I just brought home a little Shih Tzu, 7 years old, recovering from pneumonia.  Very polite, housebroken, and totally loveable.  He's supposed to lay low for 10 days, so there is not much to do but give him 1 pill, 2 meals, a couple of 3 minute walks and a hug or two.  Easy breezy.
My buddy Dixie Redfearn called today and cheered the house with her smiling voice.  She misses us, and we miss her.  I have "lightened up" this post, and am dedicating to Dixie.  
If your new year resolution is to start doing more for your community or get more involved or exercise, don't forget our walking group, book club, game day and various events.  The Cascade Shores women'a club is always welcoming new members and you can't find a nicer group of women.
There is a calendar of their events on
Last night I thought I heard my neighbors dogs barking (a beagle and a terrier) but they didn't stop, and at 3am, I finally called their house as it sounded like the dogs were desperate.  Turns out it was not his dogs (though he was awake and up cause his dogs were agitated and barking inside the house). It was actually a pack of coyotes trying to coax dogs out.  So be careful letting your dog out.  He may be drawn to the howling coyotes and they are not inviting him to a BBQ!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

RIP Patricia Gagne

I got some really bad news the other day.  Do you remember Pat, the woman to tended the Scotts Flat Parking Lot/Boat Launch a few years ago?
Pat (Patricia) arrived in Nevada County about 6 years ago.  She had finished raising her kids back in Philadelphia, and set about to find a place where she "fit" in the new phase of her life (post raising kids).  Somehow she landed in Nevada County, and lucky us!  I met Pat down at the boat ramp when she took the summer job of managing/wrangling the boaters, would be campers and kids sneaking into the beach without paying, and the legit beachcombers.  Pat was honest, kind, authorative without being bossy, and just one of the most genuine people I ever met.  I liked her on sight.  She parked her "hippie VW bus" in the parking lot, and created a little garden of Eden around it.  She and her little dog Cricket lived in that parking lot in that VW bus all summer until she had enough saved to secure housing.  Cricket was a darling little rat terrier who had the knack of curling her lips back and giving you a giant smile when you said "hey Cricket." At the end of a work day, Pat and Cricket would launch their Kayak and do their daily lake tour.  It was a wonderful summer of martini's, bbq, laughs and friendship for us all.
 After summer Pat rented a cute place on East Main St. from Caroline and Mike Inglis, with whom she had formed a friendship. Pat had a great sense of style, and volunteered at the Zion Cancer Thrift.  There she scored really cute furnishings and knick-knacks and furnished her rental with that cute thrift store chic.  We all gathered for dinners there in fall and winter.  Again, I can't tell you how much we all enjoyed her and Crickets company.
Pat worked the lake concession the following summer, but then moved on to other jobs in the county.  She worked at Weiss Brothers Nursery, and as was her style, worked hard and honestly, and endeared herself to everyone there.
Pat decided to stay in Nevada County.  She often told me she found the people here interesting, fun, and real, and it was a friendly fun place to land.  She was happy.  She found a romantic relationship with a man, and as that sometimes go, we saw less of her, as he saw more of her.  Our loss, her gain.
A little over a year ago I guess I lost track of Pat, and life goes on . . . . .
When we were seeing more of each other I met her daughter from San Francisco (her name escapes me) and Pat told us about her son Julian MC Cullough, an aspiring stand up comic.  When I would catch him on TV, I would make her a CD to watch later.  He is a very funny "G" rated comic, and the spitting image of his mother.  She was very proud of him.
Last week I saw that Julian had a weekly show with another comic, Whitney Cummings.  It's called
"Love you, mean it" on E channel.  I called Caroline Inglis to say, "hey, Pat's son has a show."  Caroline said, "I still can't believe she's gone."  WHATTTT?
It seems Pat Gagne was diagnosed with cancer in November 2011.  She succumbed to cancer February 2012. I did not know.  She was young, 57, she was beautiful, she was smart, and she was gone.  I can't find any obituary, no news of her passing.
I wanted to write this because I think some of you might have known Pat (if you were lucky) and maybe wondered what happened to her.
So, CHEERS to you Pat.  Please know you were loved in Nevada County.
Your friend forever, Denise

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pete the Greek, and the end of an era

UPDATE:  Pete's services are to be held at Hooper Weaver Mortuary on Wed. 12/5/12.  There is a viewing from 10am-1pm, with a service at 2pm.  You are invited to gather at the Cascade Shores firehouse at 4pm for refreshments and memory sharing (potluck).

Our dear friend and neighbor, Peter Athanasopoulos, aka Pete the Greek departed this earth and Cascade Shores today at 1:15pm, or thereaboust.
Pete was one of the true Pioneers of Cascade Shores.  He purchased his lot at the corner of Cascade Loop and Sadie D wayyyy back in the late 60's.  He hand build his tidy A frame a board at a time, driving up from San Mateo every weekend.  He spent many hours dredging on the Yuba and
Feather Rivers with his buddies, mostly with Herman,  and had quite a bit of the shiny gold stuff to prove it!
Without Pete and the other retiree's that settled here in the early 70's, there would be no Lost Mine Lake, no Firehouse.  They were the ones that put those deals together.  His friends Lloyd and Dorothy Honey donated the land the firehouse sits on, and somehow they put together the building.
Pete was a bit of a McGuyver, who could make a building out of a few odd boards, rubber bands and chewing gum.  On time and on budget.  He taught me how to demo and how to build, how to use a sawsall, how to pipe a water system.  And he did it all sitting in an easy chair and giving directions.  And it worked.  Pete was that good.
Pete took care of his lovely wife Anna for 10 years when she was in a coma.  He lovingly cared for her every day till her last. I saw that first hand, as I met Pete when he needed a little help with Anna when he was preparing for his own back surgery.  His kindness and tenderness with her was a site to behold.
After Anna passed away, Pete ran into some amazing luck.  Our beautiful mail carrier, Terry Grebbens befriended Pete, and a few years later, she agreed to be Mrs. A.  That was a very lucky day for Pete, as Terry is one of the kindest, sweetest and fun friends I've ever had too!  Over the past decade they've traveled and gardened, chopped wood and shared grandchildren.  It's been a good run.
So many of the "old timers" are now gone from the Shores.  Pete, having lived to 86 has seen many of his friends pass away.  That's never fun.  With age comes wisedom, and he took it in stride.  Pete was a proud Greek man till the end, and a great scrabble player.  Pete will missed by his brothers, his sisters in law, son Pete, grandchildren Eve, Jason and Melissa, and great-grandkids Amelia and Adreon.  Our hearts go out to his wonderful wife Terry and her family.
THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES PETE!  Sitting at the lake and watching the sunset, we will see you in our hearts.  Memorial pending.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nice dusting of the white stuff Fri and Sat

Hi all,
Cascade Shores is just beautiful with a wonderful dusting of our first snow overnight, (plus a little yesterday).  Hope you got your fire wood collecting done, kindling collected and starter stuff dry.
The Halloween Party was well attended by about 30 kids.  Great activities, great snacks and darling little ones proudly dressed as their favorite super-hero or fantasy character.  Big smiles, and probably big belly aches the next day.  Thank you ladies of the Womens Club for putting on this safe Halloween activity each and every year.
The Womens Club also wo-Manned the polling station for the big election at the Firehouse up on the hill last Tuesday.  This pays the group $450 which them immediately put into the "kitty" to help pay for future parties and causes here in the shores.  It's hard work but somebody's gotta do it.  Club President Sharon Hughes headed the team, which means her day started at 5:30 am and ended at about 10pm.  Thanks Sharon and team Cascade Shores.
Below is an interesting article from YubaNet about our voting results. 79% of registered voters voted.  Good going Nevada County!

rNevada County Election Tally Continues - Turnout Is Nearly 80%; Mail-Ins Top 16,000

By: Nevada County Elections Office
November 8, 2012 - Nevada County election officials were busy today counting more than 18,000 unprocessed ballots to add to the county's election-day tally of 31,275.

"It takes time because more than 16,000 of these ballots are mail ballots, plus nearly 2,000 provisional and damaged ballots, all of which must be carefully scrutinized by our ballot team," said Gail Smith, Assistant Registrar of Voters for the county.

"Our goal," she said, "is to assure that everyone who voted properly has his or her ballot counted correctly."

"I am extremely proud of the excellent service of our elections staff and the more than 340 volunteers who worked diligently on this election," said Registrar of Voters Gregory Diaz.

Diaz said balloting, processing and tabulating has gone nearly perfect thus far. "We have discovered just two anomalies in the tabulating process," he said. "At one precinct in Grass Valley, and another in Truckee, poll workers punched an incorrect button on a voting machine, resulting in a total of 69 provisional ballots mingling with regular ballots.

"We carefully processed the qualifications of the provisional voters and found that only three of the 20 in Grass Valley and 14 of the 49 in Truckee were not qualified to vote," Diaz said. "Because this small number of unqualified provisional votes — 17 in all — cannot possibly influence the outcome of any of the contests in which these votes were cast, I have determined that we will count all of these provisional ballots along with the regular ballots."

"The important principle here is that no one — not one single person — was denied the constitutional right to vote."

Many of the mail-in and provisional ballots came to the election headquarters in a late surge, explained Smith. "While we were able to process many of these ballots that came in early, it wasn't possible to verify the validity of all of them during the surge. But we are working hard to accomplish that task."

When all of the ballots are verified and tabulated, the total vote in Nevada County will be more than 49,000, or approximately 79 per cent of all registered voters. By way of comparison, in the 2008 election, 88 per cent of registered Nevada County voters cast ballots.

On Tuesday, Election Day, workers in the election office tabulated a total of 31,275 votes by 1 a.m. that night. Early next morning, the staff began the monumental task of going through numerous boxes of mail-in, damaged and provisional ballots that had accumulated, many on Election Day. Each voter's registration status must be confirmed by verifying the signature on the mail-in envelope and also assuring that the person didn't vote somewhere else as well. On provisional ballots, the staff must verify a set of requirements for each voter, including registration status and signature verification.

Processing each of the estimated 18,000 ballots will take several days, but Smith said the Diaz team will work as rapidly as possible while being extremely careful to process each ballot correctly.

"By law," Smith said, "we have until Dec. 4 to complete our tally and submit our final results to the Secretary of State. A week later, on Dec. 14, the Secretary of State must have certified the results of the election."

Like what you just read? Help us bring you more news: es for a job well done.  All went smoothly and no voter was turned away.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little white dog missing in Cascade Shores

Leslie King lives on Summit Ridge.  In the halloween rain, new new little Maltipoo ran away. He is about 9 lbs, little white dog.  IF you find him please call me at 265-8680.  Leslie is out of town.  He has an OLD microchip, from the person in Bakersfield who abandoned him, so please don't call them~If you even see him, please call me, or try to catch the little guy.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Recent Burglaries on Quaker Hill

I just had a neighbor report to me that there has been some burglary activity on Banner Quaker Hill above the shores.  The assn. there has been meeting with local sheriff in an attempt to identify and catch the suspect.  The info. being shared is that the person seems to switch between a black Honda and a white truck, apparently switching lisc. plates.  The MO is to approach the home and knock on the door, and if answered, the ask for directions to Idaho Maryland.  If no one is home, they enter the home through the back side (away from the street).  They are mostly taking jewelry and gold items, and sometimes expensive pictures/frames.
If you see any activity as described, please try to get a good description of the vehicle and the person.  So far this has been described as a male, age 25-45 yrs.
There is nothing more violating than having someone enter your home and take things you have worked long and hard for.  Let's come together and see if we can end this threat to our security and sense of peace.  Sorry to have to report this.  We like to feel like our "cocoon" here in the shores is safe.  It may be that this person is living here in the shores.  It seems the vehicles may be the key to catching this person. Lock your doors!  Don't be an easy "hit."
TOnight is the Scooters Pals silent auction and spaghetti feed (flyer on my last post).  This is a great opportunity to have fun, purchase some services and gifts (Christmas is only months away!) and support this wonderful dog rescue organization.  Scooters is run 100% by volunteers, so every dime goes to the dogs~

Monday, October 15, 2012

SRA (State Responsibility Area) tax bill $115.00

Hi fellow residents of a "high fire risk" area, which of course is true.  By now you should have received your much disputed and unfair tax bill.  You are probably grumbling, and begrudgingly paying the bill.  If you don't, unfortunately a lien can be placed against your property, and heavy late interest and fines levied.
If you did not read the papers today, you might be delighted to know that the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn. has filed a class action lawsuit (in conjunction with others) regarding what appears to be an illegal and "double taxation" issue.
If you agree that you are being unfairly targeted,  do yourself a favor and go to and follow the steps to protest this tax.  This includes paying the bill in a timely manner, and marking your check "paid under protest" and completing the protest form they have provided.  Be sure to follow all the steps as outlined. This tax will again be charged  in 3/13, so it is important that this matter be addressed as soon as possible.  If the class action suit is successful, you will only receive a refund if you have followed the steps on
Many in the know feel that this is just an attempt of the state to grab a few bucks wherever they can.  It appears the money would go to a "general fund" and not into any fire protection fund. I hope you will educate yourself on this matter and if you agree, take time to file the protest. Good
also (howardjarvistaxassn)
I've got tickets for Spaghetti Feed at Scooters Auction if you want . . . . . great place to purchase services and fun stuff, and 100percent goes to the pups . . . . .

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recent home sales

Looks like homes in Nevada County are starting to move again.  About time.  I see that a few have sold in Cascade Shores recently.  So, new home buyers, if you are reading this be sure you check with CSHAssn about joining and getting a great discount on propane from our alliance with Surburban.  Your membership of $100 a year (volunteer) helps maintain our community lake (Lost Mine Lake) and give a voice to Cascade Shores when county issues arrive via our dedicated Board.
Housesitter in place and all loose ends tied, I'm off for 2 glorious weeks of no cares/no cooking/no responsiblity except to find the bar, restaurant, pool and views.  Can't wait to meet the cousins in Boston and jump on the cruise ship.  Have a great beginning of fall ya'll.
Con't miss the opportunity to participate in the Cascade Shores yard sale.  Get your place on the map.  Or, if maybe you are a new home owner of a vacation home, cruise the shores picking up all the things you need to make if comfy.  
The 18th annual Celebration of Life Triathlon is here (Scotts Flat Lake and throughout Cascade Shores) on 9/16/12.  This is a great event to raise funds for breast cancer imaging assistance.  I have had 2 dear friends battle cancer over the last 12 months, and lost my sister to BC 2 years ago.  Early detection is so important, and this event raises funds to make sure we women stay healthy and get diagnosed early, even if you don't have insurance for an exam.  So, swim, bike and run, or sponsor an athlete if you can.  Let's end this cancer madness!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Help has arrived

Wow, not posts since July.  Where have I been?  That is along dry spell.
Well, global warming aside, feels like it's finally starting to cool off a bit (just a bit).  I have been planning my 1st real vacation in about 6 years.  This year is a big number for the hubby, so we're gonna try the cruise thing.  Boston to Montreal, via Bar Harbor, Maine, Halifax, NovaScotia, Quebec City.  Then will drive through New Hampshire and Vermont and back to Boston.  So, getting ready to leave has been a task, as there are so many "honey do's" not yet done.  Which is what I'm leading up to.  I have been SAVED.  Last year I bragged about the great job Jeremy Pastre did painting my house, on time and on budget.  Once again he has saved my bacon, and came over and built the long awaited dog run, and repaired all my failing fencing.  He always finds me the best materials at the best price, and does the work quickly and efficiently, happily.  He's skills are too many to list, so let's just call him builder/handyman extraordinaire.  Did I mention affordable?  Anyway, I'm going to give you his number, and I hope you are wise enough to use it if you need some help with your "honey do's."  Jeremy lives right here in the shores, and you can reach him at 264-7215.
So sad to hear that Olivia Diaz and her hubby Ernie are leaving the shores.  Ernie just loves living in Paris, France, and Olivia likes to split her time between here and there.  Nice job if you can get it.  Olivia is enjoying watching her granddaughter Ava grow up (she's just a toddler) so is naturally torn.  They plan to rent their home on Pasquale, so if you know anyone looking for a great rental, look for the sign to go up.  A nice condo in town is their new home, easy to shup up and take off for the lights of Paris!

Friday, July 20, 2012

misc. gobblygook

I hear the store is doing Ribs 2nite.  Ummmm, ribs.  I'm such a meatasaurus, and can only dream of flipping to vegetarian.  I'll work on that . . . .
The movie 2nite at the Firehouse is "Dolphin Tale."  Charming true story of a dolphin who lost her tail and was rescued and rehabbed with a new tale.  Movie starts at dark oclock.  Bring a comfy chair and bankey.  Popcorn provided (free)
Robbers fire is under control, and no more smoke.  Be careful out there.  Even a gas weekeater or mower can spark a fire.  It is tinder dry!
Scotts Flat is finally dropping a bit, and my favorite beaches are surfacing.  Too the Frankfurter and Kate for a great offleash walk around the lake this am, and it is glorious!
Eleanor MacDonald, the singer, (Paul Kamm and Eleanor MacDonald pay around here all the time, they're local) just published a charming book about a little dog named Grace that she encountered in Greece on vacation.  Karen Lari and I went to her reading last night at the Stonehouse and it was wonderful.  If you buy the book at Sammies Friends, 100% goes to the shelter.  If you buy it elsewhere, a portion goes to Sammies Friends and a portion goes to a shelter in Greece.  The book is called "All the little Graces."
Lots of street work being done here to upgrade water pipes.  Later in fall streets will be resurfaced.
I will be manning a booth at the Pioneer Park Flea Market on 8/4 for Scooters Pals.  I've been hard at work creating some one of a kind dog beds (One is an old Philco tv cabinet, so cute).  Please come down and buy something to support the rescue of shelter animals abandoned by those that were supposed to love them forever!  Also, Sammies Friends (County shelter) is overflowing with dogs and cats now.  Please come adopt a baby.  They need to get out of those cages!  Sammies is on McCourtney Rd.  2 1/2 miles past the fairgrounds

Friday, July 13, 2012

Today's fire news (Friday)

This is mixed news for the Robbins Fire. The fire is currently at 800 acres and only 10% containment tonight. Firefighters today were successful on structural protection and in containing slope over but the main fire is burning uncontrolled in very difficult terrain. Onshore trends will lower humities and temperatures which will slow the fire overnight, but these conditions could increase winds during the day driving the velocity of the fire. Always hard to say – but this fire, given the difficult access, could be burning for quite some time. Currently no structures have been lost and the fire is burning in a very lightly populated area. (you can get up to date news from

WE're experiencing a bit of smoke here today.  Not terrible, but you can smell the fire.  Should cool here 2-4 degrees over the weekend.  The good news is the lake is PERFECT for swimming.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer treats to beat the heat

Whew, it's hotter than a pistol out there.  Here are a few suggestions to beat the heat:
If you keep a nice cold pitcher of cold water in the fridge, add a couple of sprigs of mint and 1/2 of a thinly sliced cucumber.  Lemon cucumber is even better.

For the adults, use those Popsicle makers to make a Margarita pop.  Margarita mix, tequila and a little triple sec.  Freeze 4 hours and sprinkle a little salt over the pop.  Yummy.

Other things to do with Margarita mix (no alcohol in it)
Marinate chicken or shrimp
sprinkle over avacado's so they don't brown
mix with honey (microwave to make the honey mix well) and drizzle over fruit kabobs

I always dress fruit salad with a little Lemon Curd mixed with vanilla yougert.  Add chopped mint.  Wonderful.  Mint grows well here in the shores. Making lemon curd is easy.  Google it!

GuacataTaco.  Mix chunks of avacado, tomato and green onion and chopped lettuce.  Dress with a mix of mayonaise, chili powder and lemon juice. Put it all in a crunchy corn tortilla, or a fried flour tortilla.  Squeeze a lime onto each bite.

Lemon sorbet.  Easy to make, just google a receipe.  Just lemon juice, sugar and water.  So much better when you make it yourself.

At the street fairs, buy one of those neck thingy's that have magic pellets in them.  You soak it in water and it absorbs about a cup of water, and stays wet for hours!  Such a relief when you are in the hot sun gardening or just walking around town.

Or, you can just go JUMP IN A LAKE!

Nevada City and Grass Valley street fairs are in full swing, as are all the Farmers Markets.  Check for full info.  Shop local and take advantage of all the seasonal fruits and vege's. The local farmers need your dollars and encouragement more than the corporations!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

13046 Gaston Dr$210,00003/13/201232.01,74920,0381986$1200.18
15115 Nugget St$220,00004/10/201232.01,95432,6701994$1120.22
14995 Lake Ln$179,00004/20/2012----2,58820,9091988$860.32
13874 Gas Canyon Rd$95,00005/25/201222.01,58627,0071985$590.68
15927 Banner Quaker Hill Rd$87,00012/16/201121.067222,2161973$1290.14
13069 Gaston Dr$100,00009/30/201131.51,72816,5531987$570.19
13829 Gas Canyon Rd$232,00005/18/201232.52,40044,4311978$960.62
12433 Summit Ridge Dr$145,00001/31/201222.01,26446,1741991$1140.74
12942 Spanish Ln$179,00009/16/201132.01,45643,5601972$1220.27
12983 Aurora Close$120,00001/06/201222.096021,7801989$1250.95
13889 Gas Canyon Rd$215,00002/03/201232.01,72837,4611971$1240.66
16462 Pasquale Rd$126,00007/28/201133.01,584--1987$790.20
16059 Mountain View Dr$135,00009/01/201132.01,47750,0941986$910.30
15157 Lake Ln$200,00008/29/201142.01,97019,1661972$1010.43
16474 Banner Quaker Hill Rd$149,00007/26/201132.01,60421,3441998$920.55
12672 Summit Ridge Dr$185,00011/17/201142.02,49616,1171980$740.56
14545 Sanctum Pl$482,00004/13/201232.02,266217,8001994$2120.93
14765 Banner Quaker Hill Rd$289,00003/08/201232.01,653210,8301985$1741.10

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dog Tags

Yesterday a resident of Summit Ridge Dr. brought by a lovely older Rottweiler who was ambling through her neighborhood.  She had never seen him there before. Judy knows I volunteer at the shelter (Sammies Friends) and the old boy was wearing a  Sammies Friends tag and an county license tag, but no name/address tag  I brought him in the yard and called Sammies, but they had no knowledge of him.. Then I called Animal Control, and gave them the lisc. number.  They called back that they could not give me owner info, but they could call the owner and give them my info.  This was done, and the owner called to claim her doggie.  This took awhile, and fortunately he was wearing his license, and was reunited with his owner on Pasquale that was looking for him. I'm telling you all this as a reminder to put a name tag on your dog, and make sure he is always wearing his collar and tag.  Ever week about 10-12 dogs come to the shelter due to no ID. If we can locate the owner, or if they come looking for the dog, it is a big expense to get the dog back.  If they don't show up within 4 days, the dog becomes a "Sammies Friends" dog and will be put up for adoption.  Microchipping only costs about $20, and is a great tool too.  If you have a visitor dog (these guys often go wandering) put a luggage tag on his collar as a temp. address tag.  I keep 4 extra's on hand for my foster dogs. They work great.
I hear that Lost Mine Lake is getting pretty clogged with green growth, and the Homeowners Assn is looking at options to get it cleaned up.  I'll keep you posted.
Movie night at the firehouse starts a week from Friday.  The first movie is (drumroll please ) HUGO.  See your there.  Bring your chair and banky!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Water Pipes being replaced: starts next week

NID is starting to replace old 1970's water pipes on Cascade Loop, Cascade Drive & Artic Close next week.  Will go on through the summer.  Talked to the "guys" earlier this week, and they said they will be trenching very carefully so to not create additional problems.  So, take your showers early in the am or late at night, there will be water shut off hours.  4400 ft. of 4-6" pipes being replaced.
Our 8am, Monday, Wed, Friday walking group has dwindled to about 3!  So if you are wanting to get inspired to walk 3 miles (1 1/2 each way) from the Firehouse down Pasquale, please join us!  It really helps to have walking buddies, and it goes fast when you have someone to chat with.  Doggies welcome!  We're back by 9am.
The Womens Club is planning the Friday night movies shown in Firehouse parking lot again this year.  My vote is for HUGO, such a beautiful film.  So bring your chair and bankie.  They hand out free snacks and drinks.  Again, pups welcome.  I love that. Starts at Dark O'Clock.
Sharon Hogan (CSHA Pres and Womens Club member) is planning her annual High Tea at her home on 6/23, Sat. to Womens Club members.  She does a gorgeous spread, and it's fun to mingle with Shores Ladies.  If you would like to join the club, please call Sharon at 470-9170 for info.
THUR. night Grass VAlley Market is on.  Great local produce, street food, artists and music. Market starts at 5pm, and shops will stay open till 7pm.  Just a great way to spend a warm summer evening.
LOST MINE LAKE is in full swing and beautiful as ever. You can reserve it for a private party
(4 hrs or whole day) and it is just a wonderful place for just about any event from Weddings to family reunions to birthday parties for kids.  The trail around the lake has been widened and is and easy stroll, with delicious smelling wild azalea's right now.  Stop and smell the flowers!  Call Pam Herenkohl at 265-2363.

On April 16, my beautiful big girl, Jenna Dog passed away completely unexpectedly.  It was a shock and unbelievable sadness to us, and we shall miss her beautiful graceful presence forever.  You may have seen me chasing the little brat around the neighborhood.  Though she loved and minded us without fail around the yard, if she got out the gate she loved to pretend she did not know us.  We chased her for 7 1/2 years, and with the help of Denise the mail lady usually rounded her up fairly quick, though sometimes I had to give up and wait for her to decide to come home.  She happily ran through the woods treeing squirrels and the occasional kitty.  She was my rock, she mentored all the foster dogs, and had a beautiful quiet grace, though she loved her job as security patrol for the fence.  She scared the be-Jesus of those who did not know her.
The good news is that the hole in our heart has been filled with a new rescue dog, Frankie the Basset Fauve.  Frank is a 1 1/2 year old rabbit hound, fast as quicksilver, and a 12 on the love-o-meter.  I can already tell that Frankie will love and mentor any foster dogs.  He has the most kind and expressive eyes I've ever seen.  So, welcome to the family Frankfurter, and welcome to the shores.  Life just got better! (here's Frank, rockin his new doo)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Did you leave your glasses at LML Sat?

IF so, I have them.  Brown frames, look like prescription glasses.  Call me at 265-8680.
Nice group of 9 Americorp kids are staying at the Firehouse for the next week.  They told me they are clearing lots of low income seniors in the area.  Nice.  Didn't know about that program, but what a great idea.
Rain and much lower temps predicted for tomorrow, with SNOW down to 5000 ft.  Woo-hoo.  Always interesting in the moun-tains.


Gary Kildays potluck memorial was well attended yesterday.  Heartwarming just how many friends Gary had here. Lost Mine Lake really was his "baby" and he cared for it so well.  It's hard to go there and not see Gary and Margarita hanging in the parking lot, just savoring the beautiful summer days.  Memories  . . . .  .Gary was always trying to think of ways to make the Lake a great experience for the kids.  Fishing derby?  Hot dog and ice cream parties?  Stocking the lake better with fish?  Create more paths?  We'll miss his energy and ideas. I saw a beautiful yellow rose bush being planted in the memorial garden for Gary.  If you're at the lake and you have time to water it, and give a quick greeting to Gary please do so.
Didn't make the sewer info. meeting, but heard it did NOT GO WELL.  Supervisor Nate Beason was there to inform and educate, but there was a umhhhh, gentleman, who became belligerent and insulting and Nate left the meeting unable to deal with the unreasonable resident.  This is very sad indeed, as the sewer issues are the result of FEDERAL mandates, and Nate has been instrumental and incredibly resourceful in getting things moving in the right direction.  He is certainly not to blame for the quagmire the Feds. have created with the clean water restrictions (yes, we all want clean water, but also REASONABLE  mandates).  It is a very complex issue, and only cooperation and information will eventually find a workable solution. There was an informative article in the Union last week about the status quo.  I don't know why when we have issues here in the Shores there is always a person or people who show up at this meetings with BAD ATTITUDES and turn it ugly.  That DOES NOT ADVANCE the situation, and in this case no one got their questions answered when Nate departed. Cooler heads should prevail.
You gotta wonder if we vote in a new Supv. for District One if they will keep fighting for Cascade Shores like Nate has.  Attention to our roads has improved greatly, and his progress with the sewer problem has been invaluable.  That's just a few to mention, there are many more.   My 2 cents.

The womens club, headed by Kent Rees will be staffing the Firehouse above on Quaker Hill for this primary election.  For there efforts the county pays $400, which goes to the Womens Club treasury to fund their events. Thanks ladies!
My vote for one of this July's movies is HUGO.  If you did not see the startlingly beautiful Martin Scorsese film you must!  Mr. Scorsese's young daughter brought the book to his attention, and his wife asked him to PLEASE make a movie that his daughter could see!  The result is amazing.  Friday night movies in teh Firehouse parking lot are fun.  Free, with popcorn and a beverage.  You just bring a chair and your fav. banky, and your puppy dog if you want!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sewer Issues

I think I mistakenly said last Wed was the meeting at the Firehouse.  If you view the main page of CSHA website, you will see it is THIS COMING Wed.
Well, so far we've had rain, hail and thunder on this lovely Memorial Day Weekend.  Honestly, I can't remember a MDW that this area did not have at least 1 day of rain, so this is typical.  Hope it warms up tomorrow (Sunday).
If you saw the pack of Harley riders going up and down the big hill, those are what I call the Putting Padre's.
A group of ministers that borrow a friends house every year this time for "boys week."  Really nice guys.
It may be old news, but the store is changing hands again.  I think the owners have leased it to a couple.  So, look forward to some changes . . . .I hope for the better.