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Monday, April 5, 2010

Snow is turning to slushie

Finally got a break in the snow. Road clear, just a bit slushy out there, and it's all melting from the trees, so put on a hat or hood. Friends that got turned back at Truckee last night heading west said road clear and no chains needed this am to get over Donner. Noticed little green blooms on the dogwoods today. Legend has it the 3rd snow after dogwoods bloom is the last. . . . .
My friend Jill called today from Yuma, Arizona to report it is 90 degrees, and oh yes, sunny again. The Mexicali earthquake of yesterday emptied a foot of water out of their swimming pool. She said her house was rockin' for 45 seconds. That's a looooong time. What is it with all these earthquakes. If the earth getting ready to throw up? That was a big one, over 7 on the scale. I was working in downtown on the 12th floor in San Fran when we had a few 4.5ers. That was scary enough. Good thing most buildings in Yuma aren't over 2 stories.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Newest snow starting to stick

Up on Summitt Ridge it was sticking at 5:30pm. Now, 7:10pm it's sticking at my level (entry to Cascade Shores). This looks like a real storm. Friends just called from Truckee, and 80 is closed due to collisions. So tuck in and stay home. I guarantee folks are sliding around in town! Happy Easter. Leg of Lambie in the oven. Stanford girls are winning their game in semi-finals. All good.
Dixie and I walked the neighborhood this morn. It was a real reality check to see just how many homes here are "deserted." No one living in them, no real furniture inside but personal belongings clearly left behind, no"for sale" sign. They just look sad and abandoned, with relics of a prior life strewn around the yard and decks. I suppose there are as many stories as their are empty homes, but I haven't heard them. I know this is a countrywide phenomenon, I just hadn't realized how many there are right in Cascade Shores. Thoughts and prayers for those neighbors who have had to leave their comfy little homes, despite their best effort. Hoping for blue skies and new chances for you in the near future.