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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Road Work on Pasquale 6/27 - 7/9/2009

The road work on Pasquale kicks off today - July 9th. They will be working the area from Mill Springs Dr. to Santa Fe Trail from 6:30 -4PM, with 30 minute to 1 hr delays. I assume they will post on Red Dog and in Cascade Shores.
As of July 1st all burning is prohibited, permit or no permit. We are in high fire season already, so be careful out there with chain saws and motorcycles. I remember a few years ago that a fire was started in dry grass by a horse's horseshoe creating a spark on rock. It doesn't take much.
CDF finished cutting and burning manzanita and brush at LML last week. Thanks to the crew for a great job (the work was done by inmates from Washington Ridge Camp). The purpose was to make the lake area a bit of a "safe haven" in the event of a forest fire.

CSHA Picnic Last Weekend

I know Father's Day weekend was a busy one for all, and there is only so much you can do in a two day period. Instead of a June spaghetti dinner the HomeOwners Assn planned a Saturday 12-4 Family Picnic Day at LML. In hindsight, maybe FD weekend wasn't such a great choice, nonetheless, it was a very fun picnic. The lake and grounds are in premium shape, and we planned lots of games, badminton, waterballoon toss, volleyball, along with free ice cream treats for all. Attendance wasn't great, but we are hoping that if the same is planned next year on a less busy weekend (is there such a thing in Nevada County) that it will be better publicized and better attended. Remember, these events are planned to give you an opportunity to meet neighbors and have a fun event right in your own backyard. Next month the 3rd annual Kayak Race & Fun Day is planned for LML. Hope you can make it!
Two big organizations have reserved LML for in July. Quail Ridge Retirement Home and Hospice of the Foothills, are planning their employee appreciation days at our Little Lake. Reps. from both organizations have come to take a look at the grounds and were very excited about having their events here.

Hot enough for ya?????

Well, the heat is definitely here. I spent all of Thursday on Scotts Flat, in the kayak and in the water, which by the way is PERFECT TEMP (according to me!). The lake is unbelievebly full, as was discussed with the ice cream guy at the boat ramp by the harbor. He agreed that it hasn't been this full in years. There are really cool swimming inlets everywhere.
I always try to remember to bring cash to grab a quick ice cream treat to gear me up for the paddle back across to Cascade Shores ramp. Great selection of treats at the bait shop!
I went to Leslie and Keith Kearns baby shower today, at their home across from Pioneer Park pool. They are expecting their first (a girl) and it will be Olivia Diaz's first grandbaby. Congrats to all. Olivia and Ernie live at the corner of Pasquale and Nugget St., and reported having a yearling bear just a hangin' around the neighborhood for the past week. He/she scored on the neighbors garbage can, so probably will be back (their side of street is a bit of a bear path to the canyon below.) So, remember, if you have something really smelly for the garbage can (like fish wrappings or shells) you might want to freeze them until garbage day. Otherwise, even a young bear can rip off a garage door to retrieve said smelly stuff!
Speaking of Pioneer Park Pool, some of the kids from the baby shower went over to cool off in the pool, and when they returned, the "adult in charge" advised that the entire pool can be rented for $60 per hr. What a great place for a kids pool party! Last summer I took my little niece & friend for the Thursday evening games and movie night. That was major fun, and the kids won prizes for competing, stuff like standing on your head in water. Big fun!