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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Now, where were we?

Here is a comment from a reader about a good site for weather info.  Also, we have a "weather man" on the home page of  

I have to respectfully disagree on paying more attention to Blue Canyon weather; that location is provides a perfect example - it's snowing in Blue Canyon, but not in the shores. I personally prefer NOAA - just plug in your address to pinpoint weather for our location. It's all just a guessing game anyway - hope we get the white stuff this weekend :)

I was on the lam over Thanksgiving and until December 5, enjoying Florida and a cruise into the Bahama's.  Loved the 85 degree days and nights, but alas, there really is no place like home.  Beat the snow here by only 3 days, just in time to clean up from the big wind storm ya'll had, get the firewood closer to the house, and tackle that burn pile.

That was quite a snow storm last Friday/Saturday, leaving 15" of the softest, driest snow I can ever remember. Shoveling it is like shoveling popcorn packing chips, it just blows away!  However, the icy cold temps have not made life here in Cascade Shores, or Nevada County easy for anyone.  The BIG HILL IS CLOSED, and the sign is turned that way, and it's ICY AS HELL, and I think should be avoided.  I do see people making it up there, but I also see a good many turning back, or sliding down backwards.  So know that you do so at your own risk. It's been in the teens since Friday, but warming trend coming this week.

I was really disappointed to find that THE UNION has not been delivered with any regularity since Thanksgiving.  Apparently our new carried quit (surprise surprise).  This has to be one of the toughest routes in the County.  I wish they would at least bring a supply of papers to the store that we could pick up yourself.  Maybe I'll suggest that to the circulation editor.  I pay the extra $1 a month to get it on line, but still, I'm old school, and like to read a real paper in the AM with my coffee.  Also, it's my firestarter.

Phil and I are both down with this winter crud cold virus, and it's a bear.  One week of hacking up a lunge, and then a nice head cold for an extra week or more.  If you get it, lay low if you can for a few days, it's persistent.

I see that the Womens Club cancelled the Kids Christmas Party due to lack of assistance/help.  It's really a shame when those traditions end.  I know we are an evolving society, but it really is a great community event, and the kids will always remember those types of things (I still remember my first visit with Santa 55 years ago).  So many of the Shores traditions have gone the wayside in the 13 years I've been here.  I hate to loose that sense of community.  Ah, the only thing for sure is change I suppose.  
Sammies Friends (County Animal Shelter) recently received 29 dogs from a hoarder in North San Juan. Mostly Shepherd mixes, but all kinds of dogs.  If you are considering adding to your family, please consider one of these babies. They were found in near starving condition, and not very socialized, but with time and love they will heal.
Please spread the word.

Happy Trails, Stay safe and warm,