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Saturday, March 12, 2011

anyone missing a real nice dog? Akita or Husky?

Well, after keeping the Husky I found wandering on Quaker Hill for 24 hours, found out he lives right around the corner. He is 13 years old, and I think has a little "dogheimers" if you know what I mean. I make a plea to you all, PUT I.D. ON YOUR ANIMALS, and leave it on at all times! I could have returned him promptly home if he had a tag. Instead, his owner had to worry about him for 24 hours. Seems he went over the fence (good feat, at 13). Working at the shelter, I see many much loved dogs arrive as strays, and we have NO WAY to locate the owners without tags or microchips. After 4 days at shelter they are the property of the shelter, and can be adopted. If they are adopted, we cannot divulge to you, who arrives on day 5, the names of new owners. I also see deceased dogs arrive for disposal. No way to notify owner. This could all be resolved quickly with a tag/micro chip. Lecture over.
CHANGING gears here, Dixie and Robert Crabb's going away party at the National Hotel this Sunday commences at 3PM. Do come by to wish them well! I'm still crying in my beer . . . . .

Friday, March 11, 2011

Estate/moving sale

My neighbor Brian Stuckey wants you all to know that he sold his cabin on the corner of Nugget and Pasquale, and is clearing out the house this weekend. Stop by and pick up some treasures. Brian's family was one of the first to build in the Shores in the 70's, so you'll be picking up a piece of history!
I'm in the Bay Area and it is glorious. Nice break after all our snow. I take the dogs to Pt. Isabel in Richmond every day, huge off leash dog park, and a glorious view of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. Dinner in Berkeley last night (Thai, yum) and visits with friends. Dim Sum tonight with the family (pot luck, so fun) and back home tomorrow. Always great to visit the Bay Area, but equally nice to get home. Going to stop and visit a big animal rescue in Penryn, A Chance for Bliss, which provides sanctuary for senior dogs, horses, goats, and all kind of critters. Life is good!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women's Club is getting together

March 16h, Wed at Firehouse, 1PM for Hobby/Dessert gathering. Bring your hobby to share/show off, and a dessert. Great opportunity to meet, snack and marvel at peoples cleverness!
THANKS TO ALL that put their ewaste in my pickup truck that was parked by store/firehouse last Friday/Sat. I was pleasantly surprised to find my truck overflowing with your electronic/household castaways. This all translated to 5cents a lb for Sammies Friends Animal Shelter (aka Nevada County Shelter) to help house/vet/place all the stray/abandoned/turned in animals of our county. I'm hoping they will do another drive this summer, when we don't have to climb over 4feet of snow to get to our garage junk!
If you have not been to the General Store lately, do go! They have such a great assortment of stuff now. I know you pay a few cents more, but with $4 gas here, it has to be worth it to pick up those items. They even have fresh produce and ice cream, and lots of dry goods. Use it or loose it folks. They need your support to make this work for them and the community.
Carol Carter over on Nugget St. is participating in a blanket/coat drive for those in need. If you have good clean usable coats or blankets, take them over to her. Thanks. She's in your Cascade Shores directory.