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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, I just heard from Caroline Inglis who got it from the General Store that the locals will be taking the "plunge" into the lake at 10AM (not 2pm) on New Years Day and GOOD MORNING SACRAMENTO TV STATION will be there to capture on film. So come on down and support your local polar bear. Better yet, take the plunge with em! It's your chance for that 15 seconds of fame.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 Polar Bear Club

I hear the Polar Bear club plans to meet at the CS side of Scotts Flat Lake boat ramp 2pm on 1/1/09, New Years Day for their annual jump into the lake. If you've got the guts to do it, show up with something to warm you after. If you just want to watch, come on down with a warm drink. Actually, it might be in the 50's. Last year it was I think a balmy 56 degrees, and there were lots of participants. At any rate, the lake is beautiful surrounded with snow, so check it out! I'll try to take a 60 sec video to put on .org.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Positive response on my BLOG/Yard Sales

JUST a quick "thanks! for the positive comments I've been getting on the blog. Thanks for encouraging my behaviour. I sincerely hope this is of help, and it's great to hear that I have readers. Hoping you all a great 2009. Will try to let you know the subject of the CSHA meetings in the future. Remember, they are always open to the public. If you can't make it but have a concern, give me a comment and I will hand carry it to the meeting.
By the way, do you think we should have 2 flea markets at Firehouse, June and Sept, instead of just Sept? Input please.

Pasquale Rd last Friday

I called CSHA Pres Kent Rees from the Bay Area Friday morning to see if there were any road problems coming in from NC, and he said the Hill was closed and Pasquale was a quagmire. When I drove in a 7pm, all was quiet and Pasquale was clear and well sanded. However, if you are curious what the hullabaloo was all about in the AM, here is what happended according to KNCO reporting from Dixie Redfearn: In the early morn, the unchained garbage truck slipped and was sidways on Pasquale about 1/2 mile from the Red Dog end. A tow truck was summoned, which promptly slid and got stuck in a snow bank. A 2nd tow truck was called for, which came and stared trying to unravel things. Then a lady in a Suburu coming from Cas Shores got out of her car to see what was up, and slipped and broke her arm. Therefore, 911 was called and a firetruck sent. You guessed it. They got sideways. Then an ambulance was sent, which wisely stayed parked at RedDog end and walked in to take the woman to hospital, leaving one unmanned car. By then 40 or so were lined up on CS side, unable to turn around. ARE WE HAVING FUN YET???? Anyway, all cleared by noon or so, and my, my, it has been clean and sanded since. Happier New Year all.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Saying goodluck to my good friend Shera

SHERA Banbury was the first person I met in Cascade Shores when I moved here in 2000. We became instant best friends. Shera has participated in all the Shores has to offer (Womens Club, CSHA, Cert, functions at the lake and firehouse.) What a plus she has been, in addition to being our resident massage therapist and all around great listener. She just sold her beautiful house on Sadie D to a wonderful family of 4 (they moving down from Little York Close off Summit Ridge) and she has moved to a cozy condo over by Pioneer Park (out of the snow!). Good luck and many thanks to her for all her contributions. You may not know her, but if you live here, trust that somehow in someway she made it a better place to live even for you! The bad news was that her dear friend Ted was delivering moving boxes to her a week ago and slid his van 300 ft. down Pasquale on the way. With an angel on Ted's shoulder, a local resident saw the tracks and rescued him within minutes, fairly unscathed (van totaled). Adios amiga. See you in town!

Next CSHA Meeting 01/07/09/Plow Guy's

The CSHA board next meets Jan 7th, 6:30 pm at Firehouse. If you have any items for discussion, this is your chance. Our county supv. Nate Beason will be joining us. One local wants to discuss motorcycles (some not street legal, and ignoring tresspassing on private property laws).
ON another note, I thought the plow guys did a great job these last two storms. What do you think? The only problem I found was the signage at base here showing "road closed." Never know if that's true, or they just forgot to turn it. . . . That has been mentioned to Roads Dept. in the past, and they said they'd try to do better . . . .

Quotable Quotes

I can't quit laughing at this from former SF Mayor Willie Brown. Seems he was leaving a party the other night, and a "brother" stopped him to say, "well, 2008 sure was a great year for us." "How so" Willie asked. "Because we got Obama!" say's the brother. "But then, 2008 was a great year for white folks too." "How so?" asked Willie. "Cause they got O.J." (I have a weak spot for OJ humor).
Hope 2009 is your next great year!

Need a driveway or berm plow?

Got a flyer in my mailbox from Sean O'Brien here in the shores. He has a Kabota and clears driveways ($40) berm ($10) or will dig out your car ($10, or free with plow). Call him at home 265-0172 or cell 277-7913. We will be adding him to our online service provider list. Also, if you are a CSHA member, a member phone listing book is being prepared and mailed this month.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I had to laugh at all the Police Blotter reports of burglars on the roofs in NC and GV the last few days. It sounds like giants on the roof and earthquakes here too as the mini avalanches of snow slide off the roof due to the warming and rain here in CS. Then one almost clobbered my little Harry Dog (Doxie) and I realized that you have to be careful! After we did an "add on "last summer (new living room) we have alot of new rooflines that are dumping the snow right on to walking areas. Be careful out there. Fortunately, the warmer air and rain is turning the snow into slush on the road making travel easier to town and within the shores. The big day is getting closer. Today is the last Victorian Christmas, a great opportunity to pick up those last minutes gifts. Have fun!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday, Big Hill Report

It is 11:30am and the plow just went by for his first round in this block since 6:30am. The snow/ice is thick, and folks are getting stuck and spinning wheels on the Big Hill. I don't suggest it. There is an accumulation of about 2feet of snow in the front yard. Snow falling since 4pm Thursday. On the bright side, it's a beautiful winter wonderland, if you are on the inside looking out! Be careful out there. No snow at this moment in NC or GV. If you want to see for yourself, check their live webcams. or

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our first snow is here!

Well, if you are reading this, but you are not here, the snow has arrived! A steady but light amount has been falling since 10am, and at 1PM the plow began moving it off the road. Traffic is light but moving, and I am watching folks braving the hill (up and down) at a nice careful pace. It is BEAUTIFUL, and the perfect day to watch football and snow, with a big pot of soup on the stove. Hope you are enjoying. I'll try to warn if the Big Hill get's ugly. (My house if right on what we call the "flight line." We watch em drive up, and slide back down, backwards and spinning on the icy days)

Kids Party Huge Success

If you did not go to the Santa Kids party Saturday at the Firehouse, here's what you missed: DOZENS of littleones sitting on Santa's Lap (big items this year, dolls (who knew) video games, WORLD PEACE, and one REAL pony request. The 3 elves were there (courtesy of the Harrisons) to help kids with 2 craft projects, bingo with prizes, and a huge ornament pinata. Great treats, really creative gift bags, punch and xmas music, and lots of smiles. Thank you Womens Club for creating these wonderful memories for the children of Cascade Shores. Wish I'd grown up here! Look for pics in the gallery (I'll get them there soon.)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas lights

Went to Victorian Christmas last night. It was packed, people were buying (whew, happy merchants) and it was absolutely beautiful. Nevada City has never looked better. All the large victorian houses at the top of Broad Street are beautifully lit, a real must see. Here in Cascade Shores, the "most lit" homes as far as I can tell are on Cascade Dr (Don Frisbees) on BQH by Sargent Jacobs (John Jiminez). But there are lots of others too. We like to get a commuter cup of chocolate, jump in the motorhome (view window) and drive the shores looking for good decorations. Don't miss the Amaral house (take Pasquale off Red Dog, on left after 200 ft). Amazing decorations, Santa is there and DON'T miss Eddie the Elf (you'll see). The kids adore this place. When a fresh blanket of snow covers the ground lights it is really magical! Thank you Amarals. Merry Christms all!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Propane Cost for members

Be exicited. Be very excited if you have been wise enough to join CSHA to help beat propane prices. The member price at Surburban as of 12/2/08 was $1.99. Non-member price was $2.99. We went and filled the BBQ tank for under $10 at their station. I noticed the tank swap at Save Mart was $19.99. Wow, 50% savings on a portable tank, 33% on your home tank. That plus $1.74 for gasoline makes the season a bit brighter!

Bargains at Christmas/Rough & Ready

I went thrift shopping with my friend Caroline Inglis last Friday. We decided to work the thrift stores from Nevada City to Penn Valley (1/2 off days). WHAT A SCORE. Honestly, we found great items (lots of beautiful Xmas decorations) and even new unused items. The stores were packed, and each one seemed to really be strong in a different area (household, decorations, glassware, games). Anyway, the sleeper was the Rough and Ready General Store. Two ladies run a full time "gift/thrift" area inside the store, and have great merchandise, beautifully arranged and bargain priced. There is an amazing collection of the Byers Carolers, and the ladies are so nice and helpful. We left with armful's. Also, if you didn't know, Rough and Ready General has the BEST taco's in Nevada County (little known secret). They also do a "to go" business of homecooked meals. Like everyone, they are struggling to keep going in these times, so try to check them out!

Are the bears confused by weather?

I've had a compost bin for 9 years, and it was never disturbed by critters. Last night, my dogs warned me somethin' big was in the yard at 2am. In the morning, I found my very sturdy plastic compost bin shredded into little pieces, and my recent deposit of 5 lbs of old apples gone. This is our 4th bear visit in a few weeks, and his first "score." I think this temperate weather has got them confused about hibernating, and their normal food source is depleted. Anyway, be careful about food items around the outside of the house or in the car . . . .

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dog safety

A few weeks ago, on a beautiful fall morning, I heard the sound I dread, living on a busy road. I heard screeching brakes, a loud thud, a dog screaming in horrible pain. I saw people rush into the street, gather the wounded animal, and carry him home. I saw a forlorn driver shocked and disturbed at what had just happened And I saw a loose dog I recognized as belonging to a house 3 doors down, a dog that is often allowed to run loose on our streets, watching the events. I then saw that dog cross the very busy road to make his way home.

Today I saw the dog that got hit, being "walked" by his owner. The dogs entire rear end and legs were shaved. I could not begin to count the stitches and scars from the surgeries. She was in a "sling" and being lovingly encouraged by her owner to walk, rehabing from her "accident."
He told me that on that fall day, he had opened his gate for a few moments, and in that time, his dog had seen the "loose" dog across Quaker Hill. His dog ran to greet the other dog, and at that moment crossed paths with the truck. He accepted responsibility for having his gate open, but noted that if that loose dog had not been across the street . . . . .

The results of this unncessary event: a heartsick driver, 2 broken hearted guardians, $6000 vet bill, a dog that will have to painfully rehab and probably have horrible arthritis very early in life, that may or may not be able to move freely again.

Still think it's ok to let your dog roam freely about? Please think about it. Leash laws are there for a reason. Leash, fence, protect. Prove you love your dog, keep them safe, and in the process we will all be more safe.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Better watch out, better not cry! Santa will again make a personal appearance at the Firehouse on Saturday 12/13 from 1-4pm. FREE kids party sponsored by CS Womens club includes games, craft, snacks and SANTA! This is really a great time for all, and I believe they will be selling HOMEMADE Tamale lunches again (seriously good stuff). A great way to get in the mood and mingle with other families. Don't worry, I'll remind you again. Look for signs or check Firehouse billboard for reminders. The kids really enjoy this gig. And the looks on their faces when they see Santa (some for 1st time) is priceless. Bring your camera.

Halloween party for kids was a blast. Once again, at least 30 kids and parents attended.
God Bless Carol Carter and Bill Carter for all they do for these functions. She is the genius behind these get-to-gethers (she'll never admit it).

To Donate Or Not To Donate

Things are tough for most of us this year, and as you may guess, donations are down. I went to the dinner and silent auction at the Foundry last weekend put on by Kawaias. As I was trolling the tables looking for something to bid on, I though about what a win/win proposition these events actually are. In the case that you were planning to buy and item or service anyway (and there are so many to choose from!) for yourself, or as a birthday or Christmas gift, by purchasing at the auction you will (1) get the item at the retail or better price and (2) the full amount goes to the charity (not some corporation). A classic case of getting your cake and eating it too! I left with much of my Christmas shopping done, a few services in town that I will gladly use this season, and the money goes to a GREAT CAUSE. Many thanks to the businesses that donate these wonderful goods, and if you go, remember, you can afford to be generous with your bids! Between the auctions, street fairs and all our charming shops, who needs big box stores???????

Saturday, November 8, 2008


In case you haven't gotten the word, you can save big bucks on Surburban Propane by joining the Cascade Shores HomeOwners Assn. For instance, the difference in the non-member vs member price for November is $2.99 vs $2.05. That's a savings of 31%! One tank alone would more than pay for your membership for the year. The average savings per gallon over the last 7 months was 24%. So, whatddaya waiting for? Also, you can go down to Surburbans station in Brunswick and fill your portable tanks or motor home for the same great savings. Who doesn't want to save that kind of money on fuel these days??????????? You can download a membership application from the website.

Quaker Hill Rd clean-up

Well, myself and 6 other Cascade Shores Homeowners's board members did our quarterly "big hill cleanup" today. We start at the top of the big hill and clean the litter all the way to the firehouse. As always, we found some interesting items, 25' tape measure (thanks!) a new snow shovel (finders keepers) and the usual bottles, cans, fast food refuse and car parts. The most disturbing find is always the amount of cigarette butts (indicating that folks actually throw out lit butts in a high fire zone). What's up with that? If you know anyone with that habit, talk to them, will ya. We love our homes and community. What a waste to loose any part of it because someone didn't want to use their ashtray.

chipping program/burn season

Well, the latest word on chipping program is that county is still awaiting additional funds. So, the good news is that the program is not dead, but the bad news is their not ready to resume YET.

Burn season has commenced. Call 274-7928 to see if it is an official "OK to burn day." A recording will advise you. As always, be careful out there, and keep a hose ready. Getting a good hot "wood fire" going first will help to not produce excess smoke, (we use our "sacrificial oak" to keep fire hot and flaming).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lake Tahoe in the Fall

A friend called me up last week to join her at her South Lake Tahoe cabin. I jumped in the trusty Suburu and exactly 2 hours, 100 miles, and 3 gallons of gas later I was on the shores of that beautiful alpine lake. And what a beautiful drive up hwy 20, through Truckee and Martis Valley, around Sand Harbour and into S. Lake. Sunny days, warm temps, azure blue lake, incredible sunsets, brilliant folliage everywhere! I forget how totally close that treasure is. We never even entered a casino, instead enjoyed all the "free" aspects of the area. Hiking, window shopping, playing ball with her dog on the beaches, coffees in outside cafes. We went to Heavenly Village shopping center and had lunch at Wolfgang Pucks Express restaurant. Best $10 meals in Tahoe! Do stop there for great California pizza, etc. Also, there is a gorgeous stone/jewelry shop in the same area, don't miss it, and a Dr. Suess exhibit at a gallery (he has grown up art too!). Park inside the back lot and get validated. How lucky are we to live this close to beautiful Lake Tahoe. By the way, her "sleep's 8" cabin almost at the corner of hwy 89 and Pioneer Trail is rentable incredibly cheap. Ask me for info. and I'll direct you to her website. You can walk to skiing or anything else for that matter in South shore!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Looking for where to obtain a burn permit? It's near impossible to catch someone at the building on corner of Ridge and NC Highway, but I have found that if you visit the Firehouse on Coyote (on the east side of Hwy 49) there is always staff there ready to help. Permits are free and good for 2 years, and it shows the number to call to see if it is "OK to burn day."


I have been contacted by a resident asking why some chipping piles sit for months if not years without being chipped. In past years, the chipping was kind of "automatic." If you placed a pile it got chipped when they were in the area. It was then changed to "by written request" (see our link to Nevada County for the request form). So, my guess is that some folks don't know they have to fill out a request. Now, when they restart the program, (hopefully soon) if you submit a request in advance of 1st week of month, and it doesn't happen, call the county and they will tell you where you are on the "list." Also, after they chip, they place an envelope at your door to allow you to submit a "donation." It's a small price to support a great program!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween events here in CS

Well, I hear there will NOT be a Haunted Firehouse this year (darn, it was getting really good scary) but there WILL be a Childrens Party as put on by the Womens Club. So bring your little one to the Firehouse on the 26th at 2-4pm for games, snacks, prizes and costume judging. This is big fun for all, and totally free to you!

Friday, October 3, 2008

FREE ad in the Union, Lost Pet

I found a couple of beautiful Huskies running loose on BQH a couple of weeks ago. One had a New Mexico tag, so I guessed they were "visitors" separated from their owners, (which I could not reach). Anyway, I splashed some posters down by the Firehouse, and called the Union to run a "found" ad. Did you know that they provide that service for FREE. Yes, and they run the ad for 2 weeks. What a great thing. Case solved, dogs back with Mom. Reminds me there once was a company in the Bay Area that would look for your lost dog for a fee. Called themselves "Sherlock Bones." Cute.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boat Launch still open on hwy 20 side?

According to fishing columnist Denis Peirce today, (09/30) the launch is still open on hwy 20 side and the trout are biting in Scotts Flat Lake, and the lake surface temp is 62 degrees. Hmmm, my hot tub is set at 101. . . . . . .

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Lake now belongs to kayak's and swimmers

Well, looking at Scott's Flat Lake today from our side, don't think anyone will be launching boats anymore this year. So, until the water chills too much for swimmers, it now belongs to swimmers, kayaks and fisherman. It sure is low, but not as low as in the 70's when I actually rode a motorcycle across the lake bed. All the new land formations are beautiful. Be sure to enjoy it's newest incarnation!

Chipping Program near restarting!

In case you we not aware, the Curbside Chipping Program was suspended on 09/05/08 due to lack of funds. I called Fire Safe Council today at 272-1122 and they reported that since the California budget was approved, their "check is in the mail." This means they will be able to RESUME the program soon. Good news for all. This is a great program that gets tree limbs chipped at your street. Check our "link" for a request form AND instructions(they usually chip in CS the first week of each month). This is a great (free) way to help keep your property fire safe.

Refurbishing Firehouse

Did you know a group of CascadeShores residents, with financial assistance from CDF, Womens Club, CSHA and donations painted the inside of the firehouse, recarpeted, replaced chairs and tables and decorated the kitchen and bathrooms this summer? Alot of volunteers and alot of work paid off. It looks "mahvalous." Check it out at the next event (Halloween?)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Daffodils anyone?

Fall is most definitely in the air. Time to plant those spring bulbs. Anna Rees of the Womens Club packaged and is delivering the daffodils this week that you hopefully ordered this summer. They are SPECTACULAR when in bloom (you see them on BQHill), and hold up to the spring snow. If you didn't order this year, keep it in mind for next year!