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Monday, December 29, 2008

Pasquale Rd last Friday

I called CSHA Pres Kent Rees from the Bay Area Friday morning to see if there were any road problems coming in from NC, and he said the Hill was closed and Pasquale was a quagmire. When I drove in a 7pm, all was quiet and Pasquale was clear and well sanded. However, if you are curious what the hullabaloo was all about in the AM, here is what happended according to KNCO reporting from Dixie Redfearn: In the early morn, the unchained garbage truck slipped and was sidways on Pasquale about 1/2 mile from the Red Dog end. A tow truck was summoned, which promptly slid and got stuck in a snow bank. A 2nd tow truck was called for, which came and stared trying to unravel things. Then a lady in a Suburu coming from Cas Shores got out of her car to see what was up, and slipped and broke her arm. Therefore, 911 was called and a firetruck sent. You guessed it. They got sideways. Then an ambulance was sent, which wisely stayed parked at RedDog end and walked in to take the woman to hospital, leaving one unmanned car. By then 40 or so were lined up on CS side, unable to turn around. ARE WE HAVING FUN YET???? Anyway, all cleared by noon or so, and my, my, it has been clean and sanded since. Happier New Year all.

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