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Monday, December 22, 2008

Saying goodluck to my good friend Shera

SHERA Banbury was the first person I met in Cascade Shores when I moved here in 2000. We became instant best friends. Shera has participated in all the Shores has to offer (Womens Club, CSHA, Cert, functions at the lake and firehouse.) What a plus she has been, in addition to being our resident massage therapist and all around great listener. She just sold her beautiful house on Sadie D to a wonderful family of 4 (they moving down from Little York Close off Summit Ridge) and she has moved to a cozy condo over by Pioneer Park (out of the snow!). Good luck and many thanks to her for all her contributions. You may not know her, but if you live here, trust that somehow in someway she made it a better place to live even for you! The bad news was that her dear friend Ted was delivering moving boxes to her a week ago and slid his van 300 ft. down Pasquale on the way. With an angel on Ted's shoulder, a local resident saw the tracks and rescued him within minutes, fairly unscathed (van totaled). Adios amiga. See you in town!

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