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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Firetrucks roaring into the Shores Monday morning were going to a fire on Lake Lane at Arnold Goldberg's home.  Fortunately, the damage was limited to the originating room, and smoke damage throughout the home (per TheUnion).  Arnold is a Cascade Shores original, having been one of the original developers/builders here, and runs that lighting store in Grass Valley with his son.  Nice guy.  Glad the damage was limited.
It's dry as a bone and I'm actually watering plants in January.  Unbelieveable.  No rain in sight.
The Wild and Scenic Film Festival is in town this weekend.  Fabulous film festival, and if you've never been, trust me, it's worth the price of admission.  Now they are including theatres on Grass Valley. This thing grows larger each year.  Anyway, all the restaurants, bars, hotels etc. are no doubt full up. So if you don't like crowds, stay home!  If you love Indie films, documentarys and shorts, do go!  It's just a cool vibe in town when the W&S is in town.  In past years, you could go to Syrcl's office and rent some of the films after.  They have relocated from Main St. to Railroad Ave over behind Hooper Weaver Mortuary.
You know I love to share good service people who live in the shores.  Ken Caston over on Cascade Dr. is a very good general carpenter, deck maintenance/builder, and pretty good finishing guy.  I know because he is my tenant, and has made some totally cool and attractive improvements/repairs to my rental home (full disclosure).  If you need help around the casa, you can reach Ken at 530-575-0224.  Nice guy and reasonable.  I love "handy guys."

I'm including pics of my 3 adorable foster dogs.  Darby is a totally adorable and bossy 8 lb black and white chihuahua.  Benji is a 18 month old "Benji" type terrier with impeccable manners, just a good boy.  Sonny is a 1 year old Doxie mix, and just as much fun as a barrel of monkeys. All 3 are housebroken, all shots, neutered, and microchipped.  They are all interviewing "new parents."  Please pass the word.  You can view their full profiles on I love all 3, and we're having some big fun around here with the boys.