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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Today's snow was fierce!  It actually started at 6pm on Monday, and snowed till noon today. Beautiful, wet heavy snow. Heard branches coming down all day from the weight, and I'm afraid lots of the ornamental and fruit trees that were beautifully blooming a few days ago are broken and mangled from the weight of it all. I almost got slammed by a big oak tree branch when I was marveling in the back yard at all the beauty. Road's clear again, but lots of white stuff stacked up around here.
got this message on my email:
On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 9:17 AM, Bill Brink <> wrote:
Hi Denise, I was heading out last night, made it to top of hill and ice under the snow had me panicking and so after trying to clear the snow manually in front of tires I tried to put spyder chains on. they seemed to work but apparently fell off. My son and I returned and spent a couple hours walking the road out before coming to conclusion someone picked them up. I am hoping they are kind enough to return them to me . I can be reached at
Many thanks, Norma

So if you possible picked up these chains, can you let Norma know?
The Fire Safe meeting this Saturday at the Firehouse should be fun and informative.  Also, there will be a balloon animal CLOWN to entertain the kids, so if you have little ones, please come by.  He's pretty talented, and not in the "clowns will kill me" style, but the fun clown type. (He's Ray, my tile guy, and he's super sweet and good with the kids).

The last Homeowners meeting was really informative about the status of the sewer plant of the 83 homes here on sewer.  I am always surprized at how few people who have "sewer homes" attend these updates.
Anyway, the gist is that it's time to abandon the current style of water treatment, and switch over to a "septic" type for the plant to empty into.  An attempt is being made to acquire a 40 acre lot in which to build a leach field/septic system.  We'll see how that goes.