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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Water Pipes being replaced: starts next week

NID is starting to replace old 1970's water pipes on Cascade Loop, Cascade Drive & Artic Close next week.  Will go on through the summer.  Talked to the "guys" earlier this week, and they said they will be trenching very carefully so to not create additional problems.  So, take your showers early in the am or late at night, there will be water shut off hours.  4400 ft. of 4-6" pipes being replaced.
Our 8am, Monday, Wed, Friday walking group has dwindled to about 3!  So if you are wanting to get inspired to walk 3 miles (1 1/2 each way) from the Firehouse down Pasquale, please join us!  It really helps to have walking buddies, and it goes fast when you have someone to chat with.  Doggies welcome!  We're back by 9am.
The Womens Club is planning the Friday night movies shown in Firehouse parking lot again this year.  My vote is for HUGO, such a beautiful film.  So bring your chair and bankie.  They hand out free snacks and drinks.  Again, pups welcome.  I love that. Starts at Dark O'Clock.
Sharon Hogan (CSHA Pres and Womens Club member) is planning her annual High Tea at her home on 6/23, Sat. to Womens Club members.  She does a gorgeous spread, and it's fun to mingle with Shores Ladies.  If you would like to join the club, please call Sharon at 470-9170 for info.
THUR. night Grass VAlley Market is on.  Great local produce, street food, artists and music. Market starts at 5pm, and shops will stay open till 7pm.  Just a great way to spend a warm summer evening.
LOST MINE LAKE is in full swing and beautiful as ever. You can reserve it for a private party
(4 hrs or whole day) and it is just a wonderful place for just about any event from Weddings to family reunions to birthday parties for kids.  The trail around the lake has been widened and is and easy stroll, with delicious smelling wild azalea's right now.  Stop and smell the flowers!  Call Pam Herenkohl at 265-2363.

On April 16, my beautiful big girl, Jenna Dog passed away completely unexpectedly.  It was a shock and unbelievable sadness to us, and we shall miss her beautiful graceful presence forever.  You may have seen me chasing the little brat around the neighborhood.  Though she loved and minded us without fail around the yard, if she got out the gate she loved to pretend she did not know us.  We chased her for 7 1/2 years, and with the help of Denise the mail lady usually rounded her up fairly quick, though sometimes I had to give up and wait for her to decide to come home.  She happily ran through the woods treeing squirrels and the occasional kitty.  She was my rock, she mentored all the foster dogs, and had a beautiful quiet grace, though she loved her job as security patrol for the fence.  She scared the be-Jesus of those who did not know her.
The good news is that the hole in our heart has been filled with a new rescue dog, Frankie the Basset Fauve.  Frank is a 1 1/2 year old rabbit hound, fast as quicksilver, and a 12 on the love-o-meter.  I can already tell that Frankie will love and mentor any foster dogs.  He has the most kind and expressive eyes I've ever seen.  So, welcome to the family Frankfurter, and welcome to the shores.  Life just got better! (here's Frank, rockin his new doo)