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Friday, November 18, 2011

Arriving at Sammies Friends Shelter today,

one of the staff told me about the two dogs that were recently rescued from the side of the road. Seems a man was driving down the road, and saw a pillowcase. As he got closer, he saw the pillowcase move. Pulled over, looked inside and found two of the most darling little white dogs I think I have ever seen. They are now at the shelter, available for adoption. These sweet little dogs are some kind of mix, young, probably about a year old, and small. When I entered their pen, they jumped up to greet me, and smothered me in sweet little doggie kisses. They also have a pure Yorkie roommate looking for a home. I went and got them a couple of fluffy beds, and some toys (they were toyless!). As soon as I returned with those items, they jumped for joy, quickly tested the bed (together) and then threw the toys in air, and delighted that they made squeaky noises. I swear, they are the most joyous little dogs I have ever seen! Know anyone wanting a bundle of joy, to make the season complete? As to the person who tied them in a bag and threw them away like garbage, possibly getting squished by a passing car, starving or freezing on the side of the road, what can I say. What in God's name would make ANYONE do such a thing? Spread the word so these babies can be in loving hands by Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another "Only in Nevada County"

Pulling up my facebook today (yes, I'm a "Facie") the first thing I see is our councilperson, Renette Senum asking growers to "hire local trimmers" instead of importing out of town pro's. Ha. She is also asking the imports and their dogs to not be litterbugs in town. You have to love that girl. 37 people immediately threw in their 2cents. Yeah growers, what's up with ordering out of town labor? What are you, the Mafia? (reminded me that Tony Soprano always ordered hit men from the outside. Harder to link to him)
Cascade Shores resident Chris Herrenkohl is offering whole season snow removal for a set price, or "as needed" removal. You can reach him at 265-2363 or 265-6748 (cell). Nice guy, does a good job.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can you afford to date?

So, awhile ago I read a SF Chronicle article about how expensive it is to date in San Francisco. The author estimated that a date including driving, parking, eating and entertainment would run you about $203. Whew, that would be tough. So, Phil and I took the challenge to see what a Nevada County date would actually cost. Here's what we found:
Round trip to town, gas = 1.75
Parking 0
Dinner at Mateo's Public/tax/tip 42.00 (Phil had a great burger platter and a drink, I had the Kobe Beef sliders with salad and 2 glasses of wine, Yum)
A walk up/down Broad St. 0 (looking for entertainment)
Crepe and coffee for 2 at Classic Cafe 12.00 (tax and tip included)
3 piece Gypsy Band and tango dancers 0 at Classic Cafe (every Friday night!)
sub total $55.75
we planned to go to a movie also, but enjoyed the music so much we opted to stay. If we had gone to movie, that would have cost another $15.00, totaling $70.75, or roughly 35% of the San Fran date. SWEEEEEET.
One thing I learned from Rachel Ray's "eating on $40 a day" is that when trying to economize, never order dessert at the restaurant. Not only are they usually $6-$8, but there's 20% on top for tax/tip, or the total for 2 people approx $20. Her suggestion is take a walk (walk off some of those dinner calories) and find a gelato or frozen yogurt shop, or small bakery. We recently discovered Treats in NC after a dinner out. It's a darling little Gelato/Ice Cream/Dessert shop in the alley next to Ike's French Quarter Cafe. The owner, Peggy Wright is the sweetest (oh, get it) person who happily serves you a wonderful array of Gelato's or a homemade dessert crepe. I had the Rose flavored Gelato, and it was heavenly. Phil opted for the Blue Moon coffee, and it was amazing. The total was $6, and the tiny little shop is so cute and fun to hang in. Try it! They are open in the evenings.
Scooter's Pals Dog Rescue here is so dedicated to getting their Pitty and Pitty mixes a home before Christmas that they are willing to waive the adoption fee of $200 for the month of Nov/Dec. Founder Susan Wallace would really love to get the dogs out of boarding/foster homes and into their forever homes for the Holidays. These wonderful dogs have been neutered/spayed, all shots, microchipped (I almost said microwaved) and are on heartworm. They are most deserving of a real family of their own. So if you or someone you know has been thinking of adopting, please contact them at 350-2099 or check their pictures gallery at Scooters exists only through personal donations, and rescues dogs right off death row. They put lots of $$$ into each dog in order to save, transport, board and vet them while awaiting an adopter. Even if you are not interested in one of the pitty's, please consider a Scooter's dog. Thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I received a letter advising of a timber plan nearby a few months ago, but wasn't sure where. Well, it's begun, and it's only 3 lots above me. You have probably noticed all the vehicles on the steep part of the Big Hill. I'm hearing chain saws, large truck and big ass trees falling all day long. I'll have to hike up and see what info I can glean. I guess it will make a nice firebreak for us, but looks like their making a holy mess and clearcutting. Ugh.