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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another "Only in Nevada County"

Pulling up my facebook today (yes, I'm a "Facie") the first thing I see is our councilperson, Renette Senum asking growers to "hire local trimmers" instead of importing out of town pro's. Ha. She is also asking the imports and their dogs to not be litterbugs in town. You have to love that girl. 37 people immediately threw in their 2cents. Yeah growers, what's up with ordering out of town labor? What are you, the Mafia? (reminded me that Tony Soprano always ordered hit men from the outside. Harder to link to him)
Cascade Shores resident Chris Herrenkohl is offering whole season snow removal for a set price, or "as needed" removal. You can reach him at 265-2363 or 265-6748 (cell). Nice guy, does a good job.

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