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Friday, November 18, 2011

Arriving at Sammies Friends Shelter today,

one of the staff told me about the two dogs that were recently rescued from the side of the road. Seems a man was driving down the road, and saw a pillowcase. As he got closer, he saw the pillowcase move. Pulled over, looked inside and found two of the most darling little white dogs I think I have ever seen. They are now at the shelter, available for adoption. These sweet little dogs are some kind of mix, young, probably about a year old, and small. When I entered their pen, they jumped up to greet me, and smothered me in sweet little doggie kisses. They also have a pure Yorkie roommate looking for a home. I went and got them a couple of fluffy beds, and some toys (they were toyless!). As soon as I returned with those items, they jumped for joy, quickly tested the bed (together) and then threw the toys in air, and delighted that they made squeaky noises. I swear, they are the most joyous little dogs I have ever seen! Know anyone wanting a bundle of joy, to make the season complete? As to the person who tied them in a bag and threw them away like garbage, possibly getting squished by a passing car, starving or freezing on the side of the road, what can I say. What in God's name would make ANYONE do such a thing? Spread the word so these babies can be in loving hands by Thanksgiving.


  1. Karma will take care of the monsters that did this. Bless the man that stopped to investigate and rescue the dogs. He is their guardian angel.

  2. That is just sick! Leaving poor little dogs on the side of the road. DANG. It wouldn't have been difficult to take them to the shelter instead of dumping them. I'm glad someone found them. People suck!