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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dog Tags

Yesterday a resident of Summit Ridge Dr. brought by a lovely older Rottweiler who was ambling through her neighborhood.  She had never seen him there before. Judy knows I volunteer at the shelter (Sammies Friends) and the old boy was wearing a  Sammies Friends tag and an county license tag, but no name/address tag  I brought him in the yard and called Sammies, but they had no knowledge of him.. Then I called Animal Control, and gave them the lisc. number.  They called back that they could not give me owner info, but they could call the owner and give them my info.  This was done, and the owner called to claim her doggie.  This took awhile, and fortunately he was wearing his license, and was reunited with his owner on Pasquale that was looking for him. I'm telling you all this as a reminder to put a name tag on your dog, and make sure he is always wearing his collar and tag.  Ever week about 10-12 dogs come to the shelter due to no ID. If we can locate the owner, or if they come looking for the dog, it is a big expense to get the dog back.  If they don't show up within 4 days, the dog becomes a "Sammies Friends" dog and will be put up for adoption.  Microchipping only costs about $20, and is a great tool too.  If you have a visitor dog (these guys often go wandering) put a luggage tag on his collar as a temp. address tag.  I keep 4 extra's on hand for my foster dogs. They work great.
I hear that Lost Mine Lake is getting pretty clogged with green growth, and the Homeowners Assn is looking at options to get it cleaned up.  I'll keep you posted.
Movie night at the firehouse starts a week from Friday.  The first movie is (drumroll please ) HUGO.  See your there.  Bring your chair and banky!