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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Falling in love, again

Walking up Lake Lane after a visit to the big lake, I saw Lori and Jerry Sheftel in their yard. Last year they put their home on the market, and set about looking for a new home. "We're done with the Shores, we're done with the snow" they exclaimed. The Sheftel's work hard at their plumbing business, and Jerry said "I think I'll buy one of those trophy homes. I deserve it." So, for the past year they have looked all over Nevada County and all the way to Lincoln. What did they find? Well, Lori told me "we never found anything as beautiful as right here." "Where else can you have a lake view like this, a yard like this, the wildlife like this?" Their home is modest, but they have worked hard to make it perfect for their family.
As spring slowly arrives, you go about the spring chores. Rake up fallen wood and leaves and burn. See what plants made it through the winter. Go to the nursery or drug store and select your favorite bedding plants. Set them around the yard, and feel that sense of accomplishment. Paint the trim that peeled due to the moisture over winter. Clean the bird feeders. Drive down to Scotts Flat to check the level of the lake. Notice all the incredible huge white dogwood blooms, the cherry trees pink against the green forest. Watch the dogs sail across the red dirt, leaping over next year's firewood drying in the sun. Fall in love with Cascade Shores all over again.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, this was one for the books. So gray and rainy one minute, even a bit of falling snow, then sunny and warm the next! I went to big lake on Saturday, and not a single boat. I wonder how many campers cancelled for a staycation at the last second due to rain. Nice and quiet here in the shores.
Went to Tofanelli's today to meet up with Steve and Connie Foxe for lunch. They are former shores residents now residing in New Mexico, and missing California. Had a great time, and a great lunch. The crabcakes over baby greens with mango salsa is the BOMB. Great bloody Mary's too. Downtown GV was deader than a doornail, so we took advantage and did a little shopping. I love GV when it's in lazy mode. Have you checked out the Bamboo shop? The clothing made of bamboo is amazing. . . . soooo soft.
Went wine tasting at one of the tasting rooms on Mill St. and they kindly let me bring my foster dog Sam into the tasting room. He was as usual a perfect gentleman and visited shortly with everyone in the room before plopping down under my stool and taking a snooze. This dog is just the best ever, and if you are looking for a new best friend, you might want to check him out. Unfortunately, his last owner did not give him monthly heartworm meds, so he has to be treated for a heartworm disease. Please, give your dogs the meds. It's not fair to make poor Sammie go through the painful cure when it can so easily be prevented. He'll be ready for a forever home after this treatment in a few weeks. I'm sure he'll take the discomfort with his usual calm.
I always watch the home sales around here, and saw one sell on Quaker Ridge for $1.4 Million. Whew, did not know there was still a home around here worth that. A few Summit Ridge homes have sold in the high $300K range, and the smaller homes are selling too. Lots of the foreclosures have found owners. If you want to see, just key your address in then click on homes sold in your area. Very informative.
I've been stopping in at the store frequently lately to grab a little this and that. The clerk is so nice! It's really well stocked. Check it out if you need something on the fly.