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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Last Post, I've enjoyed the blog experience immensely, and I hope I increased your knowledge of life in the SHORES

 Thanks for your readership. I've enjoyed your comments and emails.  I'm still at if I can help you with your Cascade Shores questions. I love my community, and would not live anywhere else at this time in my life.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Full blown Fall days and nights

It's just so nice to have beautiful warmish fall days, and those crisp cool nights.  The full(ish?) moon tonight was breathtaking high in the sky above the tippy tops of the pines.  How can you not love Nevada County particularly at this time of year.

  The drive out Pasquale Rd from the Shores to Red Dog is breathtaking.  I feel sorry for those that just speed up and down Banner Quaker Hill every day and night, never taking the alternative route to town.  The dark black asphalt, decorated with gold, orange and green leaves is true street art.  The Madrona forest 1 mile out is simply magical in it's starkness this time of year, and after a good rain, the red, red of the iron rich dirt is gorgeous. The smells of earth, moss, wet bark and  babbling streams make it look and sound like a hobbit forest.  Scott's Flat Lake is ridiculously low, but has a new stark beauty, with all the old tree stumps now showing, looking like they are sprinting across the sandy and muddy terrain that seldom get's to see the sun.

There is a different peace when I take the pack (6 strong right now) down the path by Pasquale and Cascade Loop, where the stone pillars stand. It's always interesting when you pass the coyote and bear scat (a nice word for poop) on the asphalt road and in the woods, wondering where they are at that particular time of day, and if they are watching us   . . . . . so quiet in the woods by the lake without boaters on the water.

A while back Phil and I got home to find 2 young coyote's lurking by our fence.  We chased them away, hoping they were not casing our yard for a little Chihuahua treat.  Lots of missing kitty signs around the shores. So sad,  Keep those kitties in people. Many many bears this time of year, trying to fatten themselves before their winter rest.  If no winter comes, no rest, and they will continue to prowl the shores looking for the lazy person who put their garbage out the night before pick up.

I hope you are enjoying this most beautiful time of year.  Wishing you peace and lots of fun gatherings as the social season looms ahead.

Can't believe that the powers that be don't want the beautiful white lights of Nevada City to shine 10 months of the year.  How freaking short sighted in my view.  Everyone I have asked is pro lights, but the spoil sports of the planning commission get the last word.  Buchca Ebinizer Scrooges in my humble opinion.  What do they have against beauty????  Story made it to channel 13 tonight.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Facebook pages about Cascade Shores, Nevada County, CA

Just 3 Facebook sites I located on our adorable community.  Be sure to visit and LIKE if you are a
facebooker so you can automatically see posts from your neighbors!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It is with the utmost sadness we say goodbye to HEATHER GALVIN of Cascade Shrores, daughter of Sharon Hogan, (CSHA loyal board member)

Heather Galvin, 44

          of Nevada City (Cascade Shores) passed away on Monday, Sept. 29th, after an intense battle with  breast cancer, with her family at her side.
           Heather was born to William and Sharon Hogan in 1970, graduated from Amador Valley High in 1988, earned a Science Degree in Vet Technology 1991, and received a BS degree in Zoology from Cal State University (Pomona) in 1995.  She married Sean Jordan 1992-2004, and had two beautiful daughters.  She was then married to Tom Glavin from 2006-2011, and had another beautiful little girl.
             Heather's love and dedication to animals followed both her personal and professional life.  She was a passionate horse lover and accomplished equestrian.  She shared this love with daughter Kaitlyn, and taught riding lessons at Oaktree Farms (Grass Valley). She was active in all her children's activities.
              Recently she enjoyed a Hawaiian vacation with her daughters and mother, where they shared the incredible experience of snorkeling with sea turtles.
              Heather lost her father William to cancer a few years ago.  She is survived by mother Sharon, brothers Scot Hogan and Kevin Hogan, and her beautiful young daughers, Kelly, Kaitlyn and Kiera (Cascade Shores) and many friends and admirers of her courage in this final challenge.
                A celebration of life will be held from 1pm-4pm this Saturday, 10/4/14 at the Cascade Shores Firehouse, 16552 Pasquale Rd.  In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to a cancer foundation of your choice.

Prayers and love to the Hogan/Galvin family.

Monday, September 29, 2014

I seem to be running behind . .

Last weekend was our annual community flea market/yard sale.  Unfortunately, the weather (rain) put a damper on it.  The weekend before, the smokey conditions caused the cancellation of the Womens Triathalon.  The good news is that the rain helped put out the King Fire, which is just smoldering, 90% contained, after burning nearly 100,000 acres. The other good news is that there is a suspect in custody.  What do you do to a guy who causes an entire forest to burn, loss of 80 buildings, thousands of people and animals displaced, $50 Million in firefighting costs, 5,000 firefighters risking their lives for over a week.  I'm not sure there is a punishment that fits that one  . . . .
It is mighty nice to have the rain here though.  The dust is settled, the lake, though seriously low actually rose a bit.  I heard there have been some wells in the Nevada City area go dry, so am hoping a wet winter will replenish some of the ground water soon.  CONSERVATION.  Give it a whirl.
Looks like the new ordinance forcing people with vacant lots here to clean them up is working.  I'm seeing a few lots clean for the first time since I moved here in 1999.  Check it out if you have a lot within 100 ft of your lot that needs cleaning.  ************************

Had the MOST PERFECT Nevada City Tour day Friday with friends from out of town.  Perused all the beautiful retail shops on Broad St.  Scarfed street taco's at Nevada City Eats bottom of Commercial.  Tasty Ice Cream (Violet flavor) at Treats in the alley by Ikes.  Wine tasting at Nevada City Winery on Spring.  Over to Three forks bakery for those amazing Fennel Meringue and seriously good Americano. Wrapped it up with people watching at Calanan Park, and as if it was not a full enough day, over to Lefty's to sit on the edge of Deer Creek and have a great beer and their "not to be beat" sweet potato fries with apricot/chipolte dip.  Oh yeah.
Both friends vowed to move to Nevada City. I vowed to fast for 3 days.  Calories!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Latest on the King Fire. The smoke has arrived in Grass Valley and Nevada City (Cascade Shores) today. Not a good condition for tomorrow Triathalon. Over 80,000 acres involved

Image Wes Schultz

King, Eldorado National Forest. Unified command between IMT 1 (Giachino) and Cal Fire IMT 1 (Smith). Eleven miles east of Placerville, CA. Timber and grass. Active fire behavior with uphill runs. Numerous residences and energy infrastructure threatened. Evacuations, road and area closures in effect.

The first week of King Fire information has been archived and can be found here.

September 20, 2014 at 1:24 PM 

Camino Public Meeting: 7:00 PM. Seventh-day Adventist Church - 3520 Carson Road, Camino, CA 95709.

Garden Valley Public Meeting: Time TBD. Location: Golden Sierra High School - 5101 Garden Valley Road, Garden Valley, CA 95633.

September 20, 2014 at 1:18 PM 

Two firefighters have been injured after a 20 ft. fall. Helicopter medevac for one patient requested to the vicinity of Bridalvail campground.

September 20, 2014 at 1:15 PM 

Due to deteriorating visibility, all helicopters are leaving the French Meadows area. Visibility has been reduced to approx. 2 miles. The air tankers have already departed.

September 20, 2014 at 12:57 PM 

Air operations near French Meadows are hampered by smoke.

September 20, 2014 at 12:09 PM 

Total Fire Personnel: 4,901

Total Fire Engines: 379
Total Fire crews: 137
Total Helicopters: 21
Total Dozers: 77
Total Water Tenders: 78
Incident Management Team: 5

September 20, 2014 at 11:07 AM 

As of 11:00 am, no changes in evacuations. The evacuation center in Camino at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church at 3520 Carson Road, Camino remains open. 2,819 people remain evacuated.

September 20, 2014 at 11:04 AM

Air quality in the Auburn area is in the Very Unhealthy range. Placerville, Grass Valley and Nevada City are in the Unhealthy range.

September 20, 2014 at 8:48 AM 

Fire activity today may be higher than yesterday, especially where the canyons and east winds come into alignment. There is a chance of thunderstorms in the evening that could cause erratic winds and extreme fire behavior.

Relative humidity recovery was poor across the northeast flank of the fire with readings of 30-40%. The best recovery was at the elevations in the southern portion of the fire. A thermal belt kept the humidity low above 3,000 feet. Today ESE winds of 10-15 mph with gust of 25-30 in the morning. The winds are predicted to transition to the SW late in the day with a slight chance of rain and possible thunderstorms in the evening.

September 20, 2014 at 8:40 AM 
The fire has crossed into Placer County and is approaching the Tahoe National Forest boundary. The fire burned actively throughout the night and a spot fire on the north end of the fire by French Meadows Reservoir has grown to about 500 acres.

Incident map for September 20, 2014.
September 20, 2014 at 8:09 AM 

Monday, September 15, 2014


By: Joanne Drummond, Executive Director, Fire Safe Council of Nevada County
Cascade Shores Firewise Community committee members (left to right) Carol Carter, Terry Athanasopulos, Kent Rees, Joan Hardy and Jan Guevel at the site of a wildfire hazardous fuels reduction project implemented this spring.
NEVADA CITY, Calif September 5, 2014 - The community of Cascade Shores outside of Nevada City has achieved the Firewise Communities/USA® award from the National Fire Protection Association for their efforts to reduce the vulnerability of homes and landscape to wildfire.

The Firewise Communities/USA® program honors those who pro-actively address the wildfire hazard across the landscape. The process begins by forming a committee, completing a community wildfire hazard assessment, developing an action plan to implement recommendations, investing in fire prevention activities and hosting a community education event. Firewise Communities retain their certification by filing a report of ongoing activities on an annual basis.

"Going beyond the minimum requirements of defensible space as required by law will help our residents change fire behavior as it approaches their community. Working together, we are helping to protect the forest environment we treasure from catastrophic wildfire." said Firewise Committee Member, Joan Hardy. The Fire Safe Council aids communities in Nevada County in attaining the national Firewise Communities/USA® certification.

To learn more about Firewise Communities/USA® visit, or the Cascade Shores Association visit or contact the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County at (530) 272-1122 or online at

geez, they did not mention Josie the dog.  And she played a big part!

Helllllo. Anyone there?.

Whoa, I have not written since May 15h.. What's up with that?

So much happening around here.  First, NID is just about wrapping up the new water lines.  A few more hook ups (from main to homes) and that part is done.  Then roads will come in and resurface (aka chip and seal) everywhere.  Won't it be nice to have NO MORE DUST, and nice clean surface.  Terrible to have to rinse your car off every day in a drought year from the work.  However, so happy we have brand new water pipes throughout Cascade Shores.
I had a visitor today.  A totally official looking guy came around to check the yard for fire hazards.  Got a good report other than the debris on my roof.  Who is willing to go up and blow off my very steep roof?  Used to have Joel, the roofer from across the street, but he moved. Anyway, make sure you tidy up so you get a good report card!
Scary stuff with a fire in Alta Sierra and Pollock Pines area of El Dorado county.  We are now in what, 5 months of no rain.  Not seeing much in the future either.  I still see cigg butts around on BQH Rd.  Can't believe anyone would throw a cig out the window around here.  Holding breath till the rain comes.  Let's be careful out there.  Alta Sierra lost 150 acres in the blink of an eye.  That would wipe us out!
The Family Picnic and Kayak Races were so fun in August at Lost Mine Lake.  There was still enough water in the lake for boats.  Surburban Propane provided burgers, hot dogs, drinks and chips. Residents brought desserts.  Larry Marvin and Doug Goff of the Board did such a great job organizing and making sure there was plenty of fun things to do.  Tunda Croquet was my fave.  They set up an IMPOSSIBLE course.  I brought my family that was visiting for a birthday, all 27 of them!  They were fed well and treated well, and I thank Surburban and the CSHA board members that made it all happen.
This Sunday is the annual Millar Triathalon.  So fun to be at the lake early with my cuppa java and watch the competition.  Please try and come and support this very worthy cause (pledges go to Womens Breast Imaging Center).
Lots of home getting sold around here!  The market may be getting soft, but you can't tell it here.  I know of at least 5 homes that sold in less than a month.  The one across from me (foreclosed) got about 10 lookers a day, and was in escrow about a week after being listed.  Nice to have new neighbors.  Hope they know I rescue little dogs.  I have a bit of a chihuahua farm these days (I'm legal!).
If you are looking to adopt a "best friend" and like the little ones, or a beautifully trained Pitty, please go to and take a look.  If you see one you like, call me at 530-265-8680.  I'd love to put one of these adorable little survivors in the care of a loving neighbor.  Maybe you've been thinking of fostering a small dog.  CALL ME!  I'll tell you what it's all about.
My favorite new restaurant:  Three Forks Bakery in Nevada City.  Great Pizza and desserts.  Good beer, excellent service and just a cool setting.  On Commercial St. by the old BofA parking lot.
After alot of hard work by our CSHA Board and the residents of Cascade Shores, we are now approved as a FIRE WISE COMMUNITY.  Keep reading my blog, and I'll tell you what that means . . . . . . tomorrow.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

LOTS OF FIREWISE STUFF GOING ON. We all know that this will be a doozy of a fire season, Calif. is already burning

First, Just got the following info from CSHA and want to share incase you are not on their email list:

In case of an emergency in the community, the Nevada County Office of Emergency Services (OES) will be notifying people:

1.  If you have a AT&T phone (land line) you are already in the data base and will be automatically notified by The county's  Emergency Notification System.  No action is required on your part.

2. In order to be notified by the county Emergency Notification System if you have a cable service phone line, cell phone, voice over  IP, cell phone text messaging, or personal e-mail, RESIDENTS  will need to manually add their information.

TO REGISTER go to the Nevada County OES website. and look for Services, City  Watch link.  


The Fire Safe Counsel highly recommends that even though your land line is registered, have your cell phone registered also.
(I just did it, takes less than 2 minutes)

link to Union article:

Here are the nuts and bolts of this ordinance:  Even is your lot is unimproved (not built on) you must clear vegetation within 100 ft of any structure or near roadways.

It is now on the books.  May be difficult to enforce, but why would anyone argue this point?

Failure to do so could result in a administrative citation, or if the problem persists, a criminal citation.  County would impose a mandatory abatement with a lien for the cost of the abatement placed on your property taxes.

If my lot is clear, but your's is full of hazardous volatile brush, then I'm going to loose more than you, so I need to be protected. Please show your neighbors you care, even if all you have to loose are trees and bushes.  And if you do have a home on your lot, make sure that you clear all the way to your shared property line.

There are companies in the county that will clear brush, there is a county chipping program. If you stack the slash properly, you can arrange to have them come and chip it all.  We have Michael Cotton (Michael's Tree Service) right here in the shores that does tree work and chipping (you can contact him about brush clearing, 530-265-6724) I'm sure he can advise you.

Watching the fires in So. California is horrifying and sad.  Let's not loose our beautiful Cascade Shores to simple lack of maintenance.  Wildfires are devestating.  Let's give ourselves a fighting chance by keeping the ground as clean as possible so a small fire stays a small fire, and can be extinguished quickly.  Remember, it takes fire dept 15 minutes to get here from town. Alot can happen in 15 minutes on a tinder dry lot.

Keep an eye on your neighborhood. If you see smoke (burn season ends here 6/1) investigate to see if it is controlled or not.  Early reporting is important.  Don't assume "someone else" is taking care of it.  Appoint yourself fire monitor. Call 911 and make sure they are aware of any fires.

If you walk around the shores, especially Banner Quaker Hill, you'll see many cigarette butts.  Scary stuff.  Please be extra cautious with all forms of fire.


Peace out, D

Forgot, Sunday 5/18 is Lost Mine Lake cleanup!  Come on down with your tools and help spruce it up.  The little lake is full again and wonderful, ready for swimming and dipping the toes.  Such a sweet serene place to enjoy nature.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Today's snow was fierce!  It actually started at 6pm on Monday, and snowed till noon today. Beautiful, wet heavy snow. Heard branches coming down all day from the weight, and I'm afraid lots of the ornamental and fruit trees that were beautifully blooming a few days ago are broken and mangled from the weight of it all. I almost got slammed by a big oak tree branch when I was marveling in the back yard at all the beauty. Road's clear again, but lots of white stuff stacked up around here.
got this message on my email:
On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 9:17 AM, Bill Brink <> wrote:
Hi Denise, I was heading out last night, made it to top of hill and ice under the snow had me panicking and so after trying to clear the snow manually in front of tires I tried to put spyder chains on. they seemed to work but apparently fell off. My son and I returned and spent a couple hours walking the road out before coming to conclusion someone picked them up. I am hoping they are kind enough to return them to me . I can be reached at
Many thanks, Norma

So if you possible picked up these chains, can you let Norma know?
The Fire Safe meeting this Saturday at the Firehouse should be fun and informative.  Also, there will be a balloon animal CLOWN to entertain the kids, so if you have little ones, please come by.  He's pretty talented, and not in the "clowns will kill me" style, but the fun clown type. (He's Ray, my tile guy, and he's super sweet and good with the kids).

The last Homeowners meeting was really informative about the status of the sewer plant of the 83 homes here on sewer.  I am always surprized at how few people who have "sewer homes" attend these updates.
Anyway, the gist is that it's time to abandon the current style of water treatment, and switch over to a "septic" type for the plant to empty into.  An attempt is being made to acquire a 40 acre lot in which to build a leach field/septic system.  We'll see how that goes.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hot Dam, new fire hydrants in Cascade Shores

Saw an NID guy walking the mean streets of Cascade Shores. My naturally nosey ways caused me to ask, "what up?"  He was checking locations of our very outdated hydrants, (FD has to use adapters just to use them they're so old) and he said they will be replacing some this year.  Good deal.  Anything to make fighting fires here in the forest gets my vote!
There also will be more blacktop resurfacing this year, the streets that did not get it last year.
This Wed, 3/12 will be an open meeting this Wed.6:30 with Supv. Nate Beason to get an update on local politics.  I'm not sure the subject matter, but guessing the coming fire season will be at the top of the list.
Talking with someone new who was asking where the interesting food is in Nev. County.  I love to eat good, and eat reasonably, so here are a few of my favs:
GREEK:  Afternoon Deli, Grass Valley, behind Kmart (McKnight Turnoff).  I know, weird location. But their Meza with 6 tiny cups of heavenly greet dippers are amazing.  Lots of other good stuff too.
ITALIAN:  Goomba's in Grass Valley (Hwy 174) does a decent job with their sausage and pepper sandwich, and with their garlic steak sandwich.  About as close as you'll get to a Chicago Style sangwich, witht flying to Chi Town Portillo's. Thin crust olive oily pizza too, the real thing.
THAI:  Love the little joint next to Goomba's, forget the name. Maybe PANOY.  Funky feel, GREAT THAI.
WHATNOT:  Nevada Cify Eats on Coyote by the Chamber.  Great street taco's for about $2. Shredded beef, nicely spiced, with toppings.  Fresh and filling
DESSERT:  UMMMM, I do love a good coffee and dessert.  Not counting calories or pennies?  The Tiramisou at Tofanelli's is fierce!  On the run?  Inside the New York Hotel on Broad St, NC are amazing Truffles and dessert's by DeGroot, one of the best chocolatiers probably in California. Also served at Cafe Mecca on Commercial St, which has a distinctly Berkeley feel.  I was born and raised in Berkeley, and it feels like home.
PUB FOOD:  Cascade Shores own Matt Martolis opened Matteo's in Nevada City, corner of Commercial across from Friar Tucks.  Best Kobe Beef sliders, and Stinky Mac N Cheese ever, and great assortment of beer.  Something for everyone, and fun friendly place.
Speaking of Friar Tucks, they've been serving up fondue since the 70's, and I've been eating it there since the 70's.  Corner of Pine and Commercial, opens at 4pm.
ICE CREAM:  Hands down it's TREATS, in the alley by IKE's French Quarter Cafe, off Commercial St.  Your teeth hurt from the smell of sugar when you walk in, but oh-la-la, the choices are mind bending. Really unusual flavors, hard to choose, but you can't go wrong.  Grab a cone, and walk back to Broad St, cop a squat on a bench and people watch while enjoying Treats heavenly concoctions.
That's all I can think of for now.  Gotta go, this made me hungry for dessert!
Yesterday, Phil and I attended the Soup Supper put on my Hospitality House/Utah's Place.  This once a year even is always such a joy.  Local artists donate hand made soup bowls. You donate $20, and grab a bowl and have soup and bread donated by local restaurants, and nibble home made desserts.  Local musicians take turn sharing their talent, and the whole place is packed with kind generous people supporting this worthwhile event.  Hospitality House is a non profit that helps the homeless with meals, clothing, job counseling, etc.  They helped over 125 families move into permanent housing last year.  It's always fun to chat with the people who join your table.  This year the woman next to me turned out to be Tina Vernon, Tax Collector.  We talked a moment about property and taxes, but found something much more interesting to discuss.  Animal rescue, my favorite subject.  Turn out Tina single handedly rescued about 16 of the Canadian mares that cruelly are kept chained in stalls and continually pregnant so their urine can be used for female hormone therapy.  It's a disgusting practice, unbelievably cruel and unnecessary. Tina is my new (quiet) hero.  I shall never write a tax check out again without thinking of her courage and kindness and generosity to these abused animals.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pet needs here in Nevada County/Shore Thing

Met a nice Newby at Lost Mine Lake today.  Welcome to Susie, Ira and Roxie Rose (her spaniel).  We got to talking dog (my favorite subject) so I thought I would share some info here with you all.  I know some people who read me are weekenders, and perhaps aren't' that familiar with the health risks (for pets) here in Nevada County.
First I want to talk predator's.  I have little dogs, and a cat, so i'm always concerned with their safety. You can't walk around the block without seeing a "missing kitty" posters.  I am sorry to inform you that if you let your kitty prowl around after dusk, and kitty disappears, there probably is a coyote involved.  Just the other evening when I arrived home at 7ish, there was a pair of coyote's by my driveway. I have heard them barking late at night, trying to lure my dogs out of the house.  A friend recently lost her 12 lb Chihuahua walking 50 feet from her neighbors door to her door.  Something was in the bushes, the Chi went in, and was never seen again. Just a sweet darling of a dog, that always came when called. Yes, it can happen that fast.  So, if your yard is unfenced, I suggest ALL dogs be on leash after dark.  I have seen Coyotes in broad daylight, and Mt. Lions have been seen here in the Shores, so I don't suggest EVER chaining a dog. You would be making him/her a sitting duck.  Give your dog a chance of escape, but more importantly, give him a 6 ft fenced area to be truly safe.  My guys are in a 6 ft dog run if I'm not home, or inside the house, or on a deck high above the ground.  Kitties should really be kept inside. My neighbors build a nice outdoor pen that is enclosed by chickenwire, but allows the kitties inside/outside access
 Bears really aren't a threat to dogs, and mostly try to avoid them. (Reminder, put your garbage out Thu 7am. IF you put it out Wed night, animals will spread it all around for you, and you put your animals at risk, and strays at risk of eating the garbage.  Bears ALWAYS remember the "good" houses if you know what I mean, the easy pickins).
Next, vaccinations and meds.  Please read up on heartworm disease.  In Nev. County, it's not "if" but "when" a dog will succumb to heartworm. This mosquito born disease is a slow and painful death, easily avoided with a monthly pill, ($5 for small dogs $10 for large).  You will need a heartworm test by a vet to get the prescription. (larvae turns into worms, that grow like spaghetti and wrap themselves around the animals heart and strangles it.  Gruesome and painful way to go).
You might also want a LEPTO shot if you think pooch will be drinking out of dirty puddles and the like.Then of course rabies and DHHP (distemper).  You should spread these shots out a bit.  That much vaccine at one time can make a dog mighty sick. As far as fleas go, I have never seen a flea on my dogs since we've been here in the Shores.  I guess the altitude is high enough that they don't survive winter cold.  Ticks we do have, so you might have to Frontline your animals, but you probably can get away with every 6 weeks, rather than the 4 indicated on package. If you want to do something more natural, you can try various oils, like eucalyptus.
Hope this helps.*****************Oh, chickens?  Would not suggest.  They seem to draw the bears . . . *************************
Don't know if you are interested, but myself and a few friends are starting up a group called Shore Thing.
First rule of Shore Thing:  no "rules." No "minutes."  No expectations.
We plan to get together periodically (monthly or more) for a appetizer/wine social, or to go to a play, music or something like that . . . . rotating homes or public venues.IF you want to be on our email/evite list, let me know and I'll add your name.  Very informal, just a way to stay connected and share cool stuff. It's for girls only!  Total drop in. Just make a suggestion, and see who "salutes."  Nice way to meet newby's too.
Well, one more day of sunshine, then some liquid stuff.  Lost Mine Lake filled up just from the few days last month.  Yayyyy!  Who knows, maybe we'll get some 2014 snow yet.

Monday, February 17, 2014

A note from the (now defunct) Cascade Shores Women's Club

Sad when the old traditions dissolve, but I suppose it's time for something new:

Charlotte Starn
To Anna ReesBev TamoCarol Carter and 25 More...
 Today at 8:56 PM
February 17, 2014
Dear CSWC Member:
It’s been a long run and now CSWC has come to an end!  We, like many clubs, face a familiar situation – many members but few helpers.
We would like to thank all the past and present members that came forward and helped with the Kids Parties, the Election volunteering and other events.  We are grateful for your help and you will not be forgotten!   You’re a great bunch!
There are several items that the officers considered:
·       The Treasury funds:
The remaining funds were distributed to local charities.
·       Party Supplies:
The supplies will stay in the firehouse.  Jenny Kleckner-Shandrew, a member of CSWC, has offered to carry on the Kids Parties under the auspices of CSHA.  She will have full use of the supplies in the attic for the parties.  Anyone interested in helping with the parties, please contact Jenny at 265-0886 or email her at
She will be able to tell you what she needs the most help with.
Also, CSHA (Cascade Shores Homeowners Association) President, Harry Wanderer, said that we can still use the firehouse for community related events.  So, if you have something you think the community would enjoy participating in – please contact CSHA. 
All the club members can still get together and do things together – movies, lunches etc.  Friendships are precious and we have 2014 to keep those friendships strong and vibrant! 
Game Day still lives on:  1st Monday of the month at 1:00pm at the firehouse - bring your own drink and a snack to share.  Please join us if you can!
Charlotte Starn, President & Secretary
Karen Hatton, Treasurer
Linda Lumos, Party Coordinator
Jan Guevel, Email Coordinator

Monday, February 10, 2014

4 Arrests in Search of Cascade Shores Home 2/7/14 - Neighborhood Alert/Watch

Article in the Union Saturday detailed arrests in a home here,  15000 block of Cascade Loop by Gaston.  This is an 2 story A frame, yellow with brown accents.  This is pretty disturbing, considering it's only feet from where kids are let off the bus, and in a very quiet area..

Article reports that Joshua Paulin, Tabitha Gilbert, Ryan Seth Dentinger, and Douglas Macduff Jr (his residence) were arrested for drugs (heroine, mushrooms and meth) paraphernalia, (scales, needles), felons with guns, 12 gauge shotgun, 22 rifle, under the influence of controlled substance and outstanding warrants.  Nice group of people living right in the middle of the shores.  Also found stolen property (a GPS).

I tell you this not because I like to gossip, but because this kind of activity in the midst of a family neighborhood does not have to be tolerated.  Drug traffic is usually pretty obvious (cars that come and go in short periods, really unsavory people "hanging out" and activity in the middle of the night is usually a good sign).  You have a right, if not a duty to report such things.  I'm all about live and let live, but when my next door neighbor was supplying all the truck delivery guys with meth a few years back I told his wife (they had kids in the house, kiss your kids goodbye if you get caught),  his landlord, and the truck drivers employers.  Problem ended pretty quick.

So, be on the look people.  I'm not saying they had a lab, but if someone did, they can blow up their home and yours, and dump toxins.  IF they need money for drugs, burglarizing your home or car is the easiest way to obtain quick cash and items to sell. Though we like to feel safe here, it is imperative you lock your cars and doors, even when leaving for short periods. Let's at least make it harder on them to do their thing. Keep an eye open for unwelcome people on your neighbors property too. Usually a quick "can I help you" will chase a burgler off, and then you can note the vehicle, person or any suspicious activity and report to sheriff.

While we are on the subject of neighborhood watch, the Cascade Homeowners Assn is on the look out for new members.  Even though this is a voluntary organization (you can choose to join or not, and it's only $100 a year) it is a VERY IMPORTANT group.  This is our only solid voice with the county, the roads dept, and a group to help deal with our rural concerns, like the ever ongoing sewer systems for 83 homes here.  They also maintain and insure our little jewel, Lost Mine Lake, and obtain our Surburban Propane discount.  They need your support, and we need their existence.  I spent 5 years on the board, make lasting friendships and felt good about the progress we made (even if there are residents here that are anti-government, there are plenty that appreciate the board.)  So please consider filling one of those positions.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fire Season 2014, we're in for a humdinger, so please do your part to keep us safe: From Larry Marvin of Homeowners Assn.

Today at 2:42 PM
We are in the worst drought on record.  Unless things change real soon, local fire officials are warning that a dangerous fire season will likely start early, possibly in April or May.  All property owners in Cascade Shores need to take notice and use this dry weather time to improve our chances in the event of fire.  Look to eliminate sources of ignition on your lot and around your house:  clear dry needles and underbrush, blow debris from gutters, roofs, and decks, and correct any situation where a ground fire might work its way into the big trees. If you need some advice on improving your fire safety, contact the local Firewise Committee by calling Jan at 265-2435.  For more information, see and link to Fire Safe Council.
We can hope for the best, but we must plan for the worst.  Please do your part.
Cascade Shores Homeowners Board of Directors
Cascade Shores Firewise Committee   

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Firetrucks roaring into the Shores Monday morning were going to a fire on Lake Lane at Arnold Goldberg's home.  Fortunately, the damage was limited to the originating room, and smoke damage throughout the home (per TheUnion).  Arnold is a Cascade Shores original, having been one of the original developers/builders here, and runs that lighting store in Grass Valley with his son.  Nice guy.  Glad the damage was limited.
It's dry as a bone and I'm actually watering plants in January.  Unbelieveable.  No rain in sight.
The Wild and Scenic Film Festival is in town this weekend.  Fabulous film festival, and if you've never been, trust me, it's worth the price of admission.  Now they are including theatres on Grass Valley. This thing grows larger each year.  Anyway, all the restaurants, bars, hotels etc. are no doubt full up. So if you don't like crowds, stay home!  If you love Indie films, documentarys and shorts, do go!  It's just a cool vibe in town when the W&S is in town.  In past years, you could go to Syrcl's office and rent some of the films after.  They have relocated from Main St. to Railroad Ave over behind Hooper Weaver Mortuary.
You know I love to share good service people who live in the shores.  Ken Caston over on Cascade Dr. is a very good general carpenter, deck maintenance/builder, and pretty good finishing guy.  I know because he is my tenant, and has made some totally cool and attractive improvements/repairs to my rental home (full disclosure).  If you need help around the casa, you can reach Ken at 530-575-0224.  Nice guy and reasonable.  I love "handy guys."

I'm including pics of my 3 adorable foster dogs.  Darby is a totally adorable and bossy 8 lb black and white chihuahua.  Benji is a 18 month old "Benji" type terrier with impeccable manners, just a good boy.  Sonny is a 1 year old Doxie mix, and just as much fun as a barrel of monkeys. All 3 are housebroken, all shots, neutered, and microchipped.  They are all interviewing "new parents."  Please pass the word.  You can view their full profiles on I love all 3, and we're having some big fun around here with the boys.