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Monday, September 15, 2014

Helllllo. Anyone there?.

Whoa, I have not written since May 15h.. What's up with that?

So much happening around here.  First, NID is just about wrapping up the new water lines.  A few more hook ups (from main to homes) and that part is done.  Then roads will come in and resurface (aka chip and seal) everywhere.  Won't it be nice to have NO MORE DUST, and nice clean surface.  Terrible to have to rinse your car off every day in a drought year from the work.  However, so happy we have brand new water pipes throughout Cascade Shores.
I had a visitor today.  A totally official looking guy came around to check the yard for fire hazards.  Got a good report other than the debris on my roof.  Who is willing to go up and blow off my very steep roof?  Used to have Joel, the roofer from across the street, but he moved. Anyway, make sure you tidy up so you get a good report card!
Scary stuff with a fire in Alta Sierra and Pollock Pines area of El Dorado county.  We are now in what, 5 months of no rain.  Not seeing much in the future either.  I still see cigg butts around on BQH Rd.  Can't believe anyone would throw a cig out the window around here.  Holding breath till the rain comes.  Let's be careful out there.  Alta Sierra lost 150 acres in the blink of an eye.  That would wipe us out!
The Family Picnic and Kayak Races were so fun in August at Lost Mine Lake.  There was still enough water in the lake for boats.  Surburban Propane provided burgers, hot dogs, drinks and chips. Residents brought desserts.  Larry Marvin and Doug Goff of the Board did such a great job organizing and making sure there was plenty of fun things to do.  Tunda Croquet was my fave.  They set up an IMPOSSIBLE course.  I brought my family that was visiting for a birthday, all 27 of them!  They were fed well and treated well, and I thank Surburban and the CSHA board members that made it all happen.
This Sunday is the annual Millar Triathalon.  So fun to be at the lake early with my cuppa java and watch the competition.  Please try and come and support this very worthy cause (pledges go to Womens Breast Imaging Center).
Lots of home getting sold around here!  The market may be getting soft, but you can't tell it here.  I know of at least 5 homes that sold in less than a month.  The one across from me (foreclosed) got about 10 lookers a day, and was in escrow about a week after being listed.  Nice to have new neighbors.  Hope they know I rescue little dogs.  I have a bit of a chihuahua farm these days (I'm legal!).
If you are looking to adopt a "best friend" and like the little ones, or a beautifully trained Pitty, please go to and take a look.  If you see one you like, call me at 530-265-8680.  I'd love to put one of these adorable little survivors in the care of a loving neighbor.  Maybe you've been thinking of fostering a small dog.  CALL ME!  I'll tell you what it's all about.
My favorite new restaurant:  Three Forks Bakery in Nevada City.  Great Pizza and desserts.  Good beer, excellent service and just a cool setting.  On Commercial St. by the old BofA parking lot.
After alot of hard work by our CSHA Board and the residents of Cascade Shores, we are now approved as a FIRE WISE COMMUNITY.  Keep reading my blog, and I'll tell you what that means . . . . . . tomorrow.


  1. welcome back... we missed you!

  2. Yep, forclosed! So glad to get out from under that house. The buyers are getting a great little home. A lot of love and care went into that home. Let's hope their neighbors won't welcome them to the neighborhood by dumping stinky trash into their garbage cans so the bears can strewn it all over their yard. And hopefully their neighbors won't steal their water service, or drive their mororcycles on their property crashing into one of their cars when they're out of town. You know who you are. Yes, very glad to be outta there!