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Friday, December 18, 2009


Took my buddy Brendon Carlson (age 11) to the 3:15 showing of Avatar. I've been to the movies with Brendon before, and usually he can't sit still for long. I'll tell ya, he leaned forward and took in the whole 2 1/2 hrs of this AMAZING film and barely moved. We both loved every minute. It's showing in 3d and 2d, but honestly, why would you see it in 2d? The new technology was completely absorbing and the 3d effects made you duck and swipe at the objects coming at you. It was beautiful, mystical and had a great story and message. It's rated PG, but only for the lightweight swearing, oh yeah, and the tons of explosive violence (though surprisingly little blood).
Well done James Cameron (Director). I think it cost $330 mil to make. He'll get it back in Happy Meals alone. It will be an all Avatar Christmas for kids I'll bet!

Indie, continued

Thanks Pam for backing me up on the Indie thing. Seems Indie visits her house too, and spent a snowy night on her front porch. She mentioned Mims too. Now, Mims is a black and white mutt that lives one lot up from the boat ramp, and his guardian, Craig will tell you proudly that Mims has turned up as far away as Chicago Park, and roams the entire county at will. Mims is beautiful and very smart, and can be seen dragging a large, long hemp rope that apparently was supposed to tether him to something, but just becomes a hazard when he is roaming. He comes to my house occasionally, and actually jumps the 4' fence to get IN, so he cannot be contained by fencing. What do Mims and Indie have in common, other than the wandering gene and families that are clueless of the safety issues of letting them roam? Well, balls, for lack of a better word. Neither dog has been neutered. I don't know where I'm going with this, but chances are if they were neutered, 2 problems would be solved at once. Someone is going to have to make good on the promise to deliver these guys to the shelter. Maybe a $100 fine will make more impact than pleading phone calls. . . . . . I believe they charge extra if your dog is unneutered . . creating the additional problem of puppy making on their many travels. A male dog will travel miles to find a female in heat. Yes, clueless and irresponsible would apply here.

For the Love of Indie

Do you know Indie? He is the very tall yellow lab that roams Cascade Shores freely much of the time. He belongs to Randy the Soil Guy, and I THINK lives on Gold Bug. Well, Dixie tells me that she saw poor Indie chained up over by the store last night next to a sign saying (paraphrase) IT IS NOT FAIR TO LET THIS DOG ROAM AROUND ALL THE TIME. Dixie saw him early in the evening, and went back to check at 8PM, but he had been released (?) by then. I see Indie running the big hill often, playing "chicken" with cars and delivery trucks, and disturbing the fenced in dogs, and more than once I have rounded him up and bought him into my fenced yard for his safety. When I called Randy to tell him about the problem, and asked him to pick him up, his response was "let him go, he knows the way home." When I asked if he cared that the dog was at risk of causing an accident or being hit by a car, he repeated his instructions. So, Randy, if you are listening, know that the residents are not happy with poor Indie being left to his own devices all the time. It seems likely that he will be delivered to the NC Shelter next time you allow him to roam. Indie deserves better than that, he should be safely contained at his own home. The number one reason for keeping your dog contained is because you love them, and want no harm to come to them. Who loves Indie? If you see him loose again, Randy's number is 478-9869.