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Friday, December 18, 2009

Indie, continued

Thanks Pam for backing me up on the Indie thing. Seems Indie visits her house too, and spent a snowy night on her front porch. She mentioned Mims too. Now, Mims is a black and white mutt that lives one lot up from the boat ramp, and his guardian, Craig will tell you proudly that Mims has turned up as far away as Chicago Park, and roams the entire county at will. Mims is beautiful and very smart, and can be seen dragging a large, long hemp rope that apparently was supposed to tether him to something, but just becomes a hazard when he is roaming. He comes to my house occasionally, and actually jumps the 4' fence to get IN, so he cannot be contained by fencing. What do Mims and Indie have in common, other than the wandering gene and families that are clueless of the safety issues of letting them roam? Well, balls, for lack of a better word. Neither dog has been neutered. I don't know where I'm going with this, but chances are if they were neutered, 2 problems would be solved at once. Someone is going to have to make good on the promise to deliver these guys to the shelter. Maybe a $100 fine will make more impact than pleading phone calls. . . . . . I believe they charge extra if your dog is unneutered . . creating the additional problem of puppy making on their many travels. A male dog will travel miles to find a female in heat. Yes, clueless and irresponsible would apply here.


  1. Hey If you have a problem with MY dog, grow a pair of your own & call the number on his tag! Or how about this instead of me having to hear about this stupid blog from someone else, because I approach people in person how about "YOU GET A LIFE"

  2. Dear Cascade shores ress,
    I was on my way to the pond when i saw a man ontop of a car riding down to the pond. DO YOU KNOW HOW ILLEGAL THAT IS????? and here you all are talking about dogs. HA! well on the topic of dogs i would like to point out that i saw at least 6-8 dogs at the pond. now there are two problems with this, the first is they dont have leshes and the second is the blind owners happen to miss the notice saying NO DOGS. huh funny right? well im frankly tired of stepping in doggy do do so maybe this problem should be addressed first.
    -once again yours truly,
    Not a hippie