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Friday, December 18, 2009

For the Love of Indie

Do you know Indie? He is the very tall yellow lab that roams Cascade Shores freely much of the time. He belongs to Randy the Soil Guy, and I THINK lives on Gold Bug. Well, Dixie tells me that she saw poor Indie chained up over by the store last night next to a sign saying (paraphrase) IT IS NOT FAIR TO LET THIS DOG ROAM AROUND ALL THE TIME. Dixie saw him early in the evening, and went back to check at 8PM, but he had been released (?) by then. I see Indie running the big hill often, playing "chicken" with cars and delivery trucks, and disturbing the fenced in dogs, and more than once I have rounded him up and bought him into my fenced yard for his safety. When I called Randy to tell him about the problem, and asked him to pick him up, his response was "let him go, he knows the way home." When I asked if he cared that the dog was at risk of causing an accident or being hit by a car, he repeated his instructions. So, Randy, if you are listening, know that the residents are not happy with poor Indie being left to his own devices all the time. It seems likely that he will be delivered to the NC Shelter next time you allow him to roam. Indie deserves better than that, he should be safely contained at his own home. The number one reason for keeping your dog contained is because you love them, and want no harm to come to them. Who loves Indie? If you see him loose again, Randy's number is 478-9869.


  1. Amen Denise! We used to get visits from Indie also but haven't for awhile. I was worried that something had happened to him. Luckily, nothing has - yet.

    There is another irresponsible pet owner up here - I don't recall the man's name but I think he lives on Lake Lane. He has a black long haired mix breed named Mim'z. I have called him a few times to come get Mim'z and get the same answer- "he knows his way home" or "gee I don't know how he got out" I had to call twice to insist he come get him the first time when he didn't "find his way home" and was still on my front porch in the morning (in the snow). We had almost hit him the night before - an all black dog standing in the middle of the road on BQH in the dark. The last time he showed up he was dragging the 15 foot rope that he had been tied up with. Luckily he hadn't gotten it tangled on something and choked himself. His owner told me that once he even got a call to come get him at the campground on the other side of the lake! When I suggested he get him neuterd as a deterrent to his roaming he looked at me like I was nuts. I had already decided that the next time it happens I am taking him to the shelter.

    Maybe if these irresponsible pet owners are hit in the wallet they will get the message. These dogs deserve better owners.

  2. Well people, now that i have just moved here something has became very clear here. First is all of you guys have no life and have the martuity of a 13 year old girl gossiping behind poeples backs. BRAVO! I almost feel ashamed to tell people i live here when they can look at this crap. I personally know the family. Including Indie. Now the family does have the dog chained up, since he is young and full of energy and will run away and stay away for days. Yet you people who carry your dog in a stroller and LET THEM BARK AT 8 IN THE MORNING! The dog is smart enough not to get caught and not to get hit by a car. Just leave him alone is the best choice and stop being a bunch of wuss'es and phone the owners and talk to them.
    -Yours truly
    Not a hippie

  3. This is to all concerned Cascade Shores residents
    there is no longer a "POOR INDIE", as there never was.... Thanks to YOU we have felt no recourse but to put him down! YOU WIN!!!