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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stone House leased . . . controversy brewing?

It's been months since the StoneHouse bar & restaurant closed their doors. I know owner Nikko Wu was nervous and stressed over the possibility of getting it leased again in this economy. I was impressed when the Union reported it has been leased to a company that will use it as a mini culinary institute to teach "at risk youth and foster kids" the hospitality/food business. I thought it a real win/win. I had a foster daughter once, and I know first hand the extreme challenges these kids face when they "age out" of the system. Any program that helps our kids get a helping hand in learning how to survive this tough competative world should be commended. Instead, there seem to be some "not in my backyard" rumblings. Cu'mon, give the kids a chance. Kids in bad situations usually get born in to them, then the cycle begins . . . . I hope there is some way to support this venture, maybe they will have luncheons for the public. Hope so. We used to go have lunch at the culinary school at Contra Costa College. Five star meals, white table cloths, kids all dressed in starchy waiter clothes. And super reasonable price.
You get great food, they get practice. Win win.
More good news. The Holbrooke has been leased and will stay operational. YaHoo. That place is the heartbeat of Grass Valley. Would have been soooooo sad to see it closed. Is it just me, or do things seem to be looking up? Maybe spring has sprung. Rebirth.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Off to Oregon

I am off to Eugene, Oregon Thu. to see my sister. She has stage 4 breast cancer, and I go knowing our time together is limited. I now know just what a "brave and valliant fight against cancer" means, really means. I have only 2 sisters, and treasure them both. Linda has shown unbelievable courage and strength in trying to survive this disease, and I will never forget what I have learned from her example. My other sister, Jackie will be there too. Just us 3 girls for 10 days or so. I'll try to keep up with the shores and Nevada County while there.
Reminder: the Homeowners Assn. is having their annual meeting and celebrating 40 years in existance a week from Saturday. Please come join and celebrate with cake/coffee. Time will be posted on the big board by Firehouse.

St. Paddy's Day

Just got back from a GREAT St. Paddy's Day Dinner at Casa de Mike and Carolyn Inglis. Carolyn goes all out, jeweled silk green table cloth, corned beef from PJ's (THE BEST) with all the trimmings, vast assortement of condiments to compliment the meal, castle candelabra's, the "good" plates and silver. Her neighbors Clea and Mike brought their home brew beer (yummy), Dixie brough Irish quesadilla's, and I made Irish bread pudding with Irish whiskey sauce. Swoosh it all down with a big old Irish coffee loaded with whipped cream, all the while Irish music plays and we are viewing Scotts Flat Lake out the dining room window (their house is the last on the right by the Lake) and swapping local gossip. A perfect evening! As always, we make a vow to have a group gormet dinner AT LEAST once a month, each time with a different theme. Hoping we keep that pact. Too full to stay and play WII. Oooooh, my tummy hurts. But in a good way. Thanks Carolyn and Mikey! (that's Security guy Mike to you).

Baby Jenna and Hip Dysplasia

My female mixed breed pound dog has been limping on and off since we got her 2+ years ago. I never had her treated as she seems to heal herself in time. The latest episode seemed to linger, so off to the vet for a look/see. He decided, from a quick physical exam that she had hip dysplasia. This is more often seen in males of specific breeds (Jenna on the other hand is a kind of shepard/boxer/chow/heinz 57 type). This seemed odd. So, after reading up on dysplasia, we decided on an xray to confirm. WELL, she's got just about the most beautiful hips sockets you've ever seen on film. ZERO displasia. New diasnosis, torn or ruptured ACL (basically her knee). Suggested course of action: EXPLORATORY surgery at $1400++. Upon researching this type of injury, we have decided to treat holistically, with restricted exercise and lots of good food and joint builders. I'll keep you posted. My last dog blew out her ACL running also, and the after surgery rehab was really tough. This is an I LOVE THE INTERNET story, as in both diagnosis, research gave me directions to go that wern't mentioned at the vet's office . . . . . By the way, the new Ca. tax proposal to tax veternarian services was not passed. Whew.