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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Paddy's Day

Just got back from a GREAT St. Paddy's Day Dinner at Casa de Mike and Carolyn Inglis. Carolyn goes all out, jeweled silk green table cloth, corned beef from PJ's (THE BEST) with all the trimmings, vast assortement of condiments to compliment the meal, castle candelabra's, the "good" plates and silver. Her neighbors Clea and Mike brought their home brew beer (yummy), Dixie brough Irish quesadilla's, and I made Irish bread pudding with Irish whiskey sauce. Swoosh it all down with a big old Irish coffee loaded with whipped cream, all the while Irish music plays and we are viewing Scotts Flat Lake out the dining room window (their house is the last on the right by the Lake) and swapping local gossip. A perfect evening! As always, we make a vow to have a group gormet dinner AT LEAST once a month, each time with a different theme. Hoping we keep that pact. Too full to stay and play WII. Oooooh, my tummy hurts. But in a good way. Thanks Carolyn and Mikey! (that's Security guy Mike to you).

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