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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cascade Shores General Store update

Had the luck to be walking by the store this afternoon and encountered the ERA Cornerstone Realtor Ron Nevis, who sold the place. He says escrow has closed, and progress has begun. According to Ron, the new owners have 6 other grocery stores, in Penn Valley, Grass Valley, Lake of Pines and Alta Sierra, and are very community oriented. He is confident that they will make every effort to provide exactly what the community wants, as soon as they figure out what that is exactly. If I can catch the owner, will invite him to the Cascade Shores Homeowners Assn. annual meeting, which by the way is the first Saturday in April ( 3rd). The community is always encouraged to attend. 4 new members of the Board will be installed, and hot dogs will be served to all. It would be nice to see you all there!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snow Falling on Cedars!

Snow started falling at 8:30 am today (Wed). By 11:30 we have about 3". Plower is plowing, and cars are coming down the hill, S-L-O-W-E-L-Y. Heard the intersection of Pasquale and Red Dog got jammed up this am with sliding cars. Be careful out there! Looks like a beautiful black & white postcard out my picture window. Went for a walk. Quiet as a library and peaceful out there. Dixie coming over to watch Hurt Locker on-demand. Trying to fit in all my Oscar Nominees before Sunday night awards. Note to Chuck Jaffee: I agree totally on all your winner picks this year. Kinda a no brainer, but it's not over till the fat lady sings, right?
Happy 4th Birthday to my pal Jadon Balan-Bingham over on Nuggett. Smartest, cutest 4 year old on the planet! Hope it's a great day buddy!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last Meeting of the current CSHA Board

Tomorrow (wed) night at Firehouse 6:30, is the last meeting of the current board of CSHA. In April new officers will be installed at the Annual Meeting. The annual meeting is a great opportunity to see democracy in action. Come down and voice you opinion/concern/thanks? to the outgoing, and hopefully show support for the new board. Ballots should be in the mail soon for the officers to be. Vote early, vote often.
Union and Yuba Net have reported that Nev County Sheriff's Office is applying for a grant of $64K for Off-Highway Vehicles to patrol various area's from July-June next year. Area's include Greenhorn Creek, Steephollow Creek, Chalk Bluff (that's us) Deadman's Flat, Jackass Flat, & town of Washington. Also areas in Truckee area. Olivia Diaz shared that Chief Fike says that one way a Cascade Shores Fire could be lit is when the Greenhorn crowd gets together, and lights a truck on fire that had rolled. Now, that sounds like a "you might be a redneck" moment. Gee, Bobby Lee, ya rolled yer truck. What say we light that SOB on fire and pop a Budweiser! Oh yeah . . . .

Monday, March 1, 2010

Got room for a foster dog? & cool website

Susan Wallace just contacted me that she has 2 dogs needing a temp. foster home while looking for a 4ever home. One is a Great Dane named Moracco, about 40 lbs, removed from NC shelter as he was scheduled to be euthanized the next day. He is sweet and smart, has jaw problems, can eat but not bite, so he can't defend himself, and will have surgery if it can help his problem. He is in a foster home that has to crate all day while they work. He needs a foster home where he is not crated so much. Are you listening Pam, you Dane lover?

Also a pit mix that is being boarded, $600 per month that Susan/Scooters Pals cannot really afford. Susan says the dog is happy, healthy and gets along with other dogs. Not sure how she is with cats.
If you know anyone who wants to help (temporarily) please contact Scooters Pals, 265-9335. Adoptathons are held 2nd Saturday of month at Incredible Pets in Grass Valley 11am-2pm.
If you go to website, click on events/nevada city and you will see a very cool slideshow of all the BEAUTIFUL historical buildings of Nevada City and Grass Valley. See how many you recognize!