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Monday, March 1, 2010

Got room for a foster dog? & cool website

Susan Wallace just contacted me that she has 2 dogs needing a temp. foster home while looking for a 4ever home. One is a Great Dane named Moracco, about 40 lbs, removed from NC shelter as he was scheduled to be euthanized the next day. He is sweet and smart, has jaw problems, can eat but not bite, so he can't defend himself, and will have surgery if it can help his problem. He is in a foster home that has to crate all day while they work. He needs a foster home where he is not crated so much. Are you listening Pam, you Dane lover?

Also a pit mix that is being boarded, $600 per month that Susan/Scooters Pals cannot really afford. Susan says the dog is happy, healthy and gets along with other dogs. Not sure how she is with cats.
If you know anyone who wants to help (temporarily) please contact Scooters Pals, 265-9335. Adoptathons are held 2nd Saturday of month at Incredible Pets in Grass Valley 11am-2pm.
If you go to website, click on events/nevada city and you will see a very cool slideshow of all the BEAUTIFUL historical buildings of Nevada City and Grass Valley. See how many you recognize!

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  1. I'm listening Denise! But I just adopted another Dane last week. I have three Great Danes now - which I think qualifies as a herd! I saw Morocco's picture in the Union yesterday. So glad Susan was able to get him out in time. I'll spread the word about both of these pups, though.