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Monday, May 10, 2010

MARIA'S in Grass Valley/Crime in the Shores

Is it just me, or does the new expansion/paint at Maria's on Main St. look like it belongs in Knotts Berry Farm? So much for local construction fitting into the Gold Rush Historic genre.
Noticed that there is a Quiznos being constructed on Brunswick by Safeway/Blockbuster. Love their totally fattening Cream of (fill in the blank) Soups.
A recent home burglary in Cascade Shores ended in the arrest of 4 young men on Hydraulic Ridge in Gas Canyon. Lots of household goods, bedding and electronics were stolen. Being burglarized is always such a huge personal violation, but when you find out it was a neighbor who ended up busted with the "goods" your sense of violation and fear of retribution is even more painful. We enjoy such a low crime rate here in the shores, we are perhaps lulled into an exaggerated sense of security. In this case, the front door was actually kicked in to gain entry. I can only guess that this house was chosen due to observation of the home as only occasionally occupied, which gave the thieves the confidence to take their time looting, even bringing their dog along for the caper. Shame on them. Fortunately they have been found out and hopefully will be appropriately punished. Neighborhood watch is incredibly important. Please be sure to report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood to the sheriff, and try to write down descriptions of vehicles & license plate numbers if you see anything that seems wrong. Lock your stuff up. Consider installing an alarm system. At least make them work for it! Don't be a easy victim.