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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lost Mine Lake and HIgh School Seniors

Got a little jump on LML cleanup today. Graduating senior Henry Harrison and his brother Brian and 3 other NU seniors came down and stained the playset, raked the volleyball court and did some misc. painting today to satisfy their community hours commitment for school. We also replaced the toddler swing. The lawn is still a bit swampy from last weeks rains, but should drain off in the next week. Next Saturday will be the official cleanup. Then the lake is ready for the season. Be sure to use our little treasure this summer. I especially love to hang there in the early evening. You can't find a more peaceful place to park your chair, have a glass of wine and just unwind.
Thanks Henry, Brian and friends. Happy Graduation.

Returning from vacation

Wow, 12 days on the road in a 23ft motorhome, with 2 dogs and a new sound system. We took hwy 99 and assorted others across the desert to Yuma, Arizona, just 15 minues from Mexico. The weather was perfect, 85-90, spent at least 3 hours a day in the pool, and played tourist the rest of the time. No trips into Mexico this time, as between drug wars and swine flu, it seemed like not such a great idea. Came back north via San Diego way up to 101 and cruized the Pacific Ocean all the way to Berkeley. Poked our way around all the cute costal towns with views to die for, and city parks that hang onto cliffs. Wow. A couple of days in the Bay Area, again beautiful weather, marveling at Bay Bridge and Golden Gate views. I always get that happy feeling when we drive over the Bear River Bridge on hwy 174 and see the Nevada County sign. All in all, this is still my favorite place. Got home to the smell of wet asphalt (recent rain) and the scents of pine, liliacs and daffodils, mixed with that wonderful earthy smell of damp red dirt. Heaven.
Road favorites: camping in little county fairgrounds. Clean, pretty, and lots of nooks and crannies to explore when walking the dogs. Best Billboard: A picture of Jackie Robinson, with the message "Here's to you Mrs. Robinson." " Character building, what's truly important."
Best Mall: (if you like that kind of thing) a little south of Palm Springs, NOTHING BUT WOO-WOO SHEE SHEE, big time name brands. Best coffee: ALWAYS those little independent huts in store parking lots. Yummy coffee and way friendly barista's. They almost always gave us dog bones for the "children." Most Heart waming moment: watching a rehabd sea lion being released back into the ocean a little north of Santa Barbara. He seemed to want to stay with his handlers, and they had to give him a few good pushes to encourage "escape." We watched him hang near the shore for 20 minutes before disappearing into the vast waters. Hope he found his pod. New discovery: At an animal rescue habitat, got to feed a Zonkey. Yep, half Zebra, half Donkey. Very cool looking animal. Also got to feed camels, deer, and critters I have never heard of.
That's allllll folks.