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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Got that White Christmas!

Well Shorites, hope you were happy to be blessed with a White Christmas.  Yeppa, got the white stuff falling Monday all day, and even a bit more in the wee hours of Tuesday and Tuesday morn.  It is beautiful, and the hill stayed open.  Had an interesting power outage on Sunday (heard tree down on Red Dog and here in the Shores contributing), but was restored around 5pm.  I had a house full, 7 people and 11, yes ELEVEN dogs.  We are indeed a happy doggy family.  So, despite the power outage we had fun, played games and made wonderful nibbles and drinks.  At 10pm on Christmas Eve we finally sat in a circle to open all our Santa gifts at the precise moment the power went out again.  Aargh!  It was quickly restored (some kind of cosmic joke) and all was calm, all was bright!
Hope you had a wonderful Holiday and stayed warm, dry and well lit.
Home with most Christmas cheer is John and Aurelia at the corner of Sargent Jacob and Banner Quaker Hill a block past the store on the right.  Impressive.  
Bad news.  In the wee hours of Monday morning (like 3am) cars were broken into and stuff stolen (mine being one).  Apparently someone a few doors from me caught the guy red handed at 3am, and chased him away.  She described him as late 20's, clean cut, with dark hair.  I think he was capitalizing on unlocked cars, so be sure you lock up!  Hopefully getting caught and chased will deter him, but be aware. I make a report to sheriff, and if you got hit, you should call them and report too.  If they know what items were taken it may help if they catch him.