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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forestry gonna be tagging dangerous lots?

Someone (don't remember who) told me last night at LML event that the Dept of Forestry is going to re institute their lot checking for too much flammable debris in Cascade Shores. When I moved here is 2000 they did that. They would give you a report card telling you what had to be done, then returned in a few weeks and you were FINED if the hazard was not corrected. Wonder if it's true. Hope it is, because there sure is a lot of fallout from the November and March storms, and it's gonna be one hell of a fire threat.
OVER 11,000 reads on my blog since inception. THANKS!
Dixie said Kate the Chi-hua-hua walked Big Sam the big weiner dog to the gate for his new parents cause Kate knows there are only 2 permanent slots in our house for dogs, and she wanted to make sure she made the cut. Is that why my computer history is showing "how to make chloroform?" That's it, Kate is forbidden from using the computer!
Sooooo, the Womens Club had their wine and appetizer party at LML 4pm Wed, and had so much fun, they will do it all summer. The Homeowners has their potluck BBQ at 6pm on Wed, so, there is something for everyone. Kids playing in the water, competitive game of horseshoes, volleyball, and that great playground for the little ones. Feel free to join us on "hump" day, aka Wednesdays! I just LOVE appetizer night.
Scooterspals dog rescue is having a Grand Opening for their new office on Saturday, 2-6pm. It's on Joersche, next door to the old Briarpatch site, on the corner across from Weiss Bros. Nursery. Drop by and say hello, enjoy the party, and maybe find out if you would like to foster a doggie for them, or make a donation to the cause. They will have wonderful food by Austin, and I think music. They have always run the rescue in their personal homes, so the gift of an office for a year by a Penn Valley couple has been a huge blessing. They'll have classes on fostering, supplies and maybe even a boutique with doggie geared gifts and art. Susan and co. have saved over 700 dogs over the last few years. I've fostered 16 or 17 myself, and is has been the most rewarding thing I've even done. Each and every dog has been such a special little spirit enhancing my life.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

LML events

The womens club is having a wine/cheese meeting Wed at LML at 4pm. Bring wine, a chair and an appetizer and they will supply the frivolity. If you're really feeling like enjoying the great outdoors, stay for the homeowners pot luck mixer. Last weeks was great with about 25 adults and kids there. This time I'll make it too!
FINALLY, some really summer weather. Actually had to water the flowers today. It's beautiful here and I went down to watch the sunset at the big lake last night. Real dramatic clouds and just a gorgeous sunset. Nothing better than sitting on the boat ramp in the middle of the lake at 8pm for the show.
Met new neighbors on Pasquale last night. Rich and Steve bought Archie and Doris's house. They are from Berkley (my birthplace) and are really enjoying the beauty of Nevada City and the shores. I was telling them if you miss Berkeley, you can always go to Mecca Cafe on Commercial and be treated to funky atmosphere and rude employees, and I mean that in a good way.
You'll feel like nice and comfy like you're back home! (It's a Berkeley thing). In the 70's there was a real funky steak house & bar in Port Costa (a little hamlet under the Vallejo Bridge) called the Wherehouse run by Juanita. She was like a female Don Rickles. People used to come from miles around just to be insulted by Juanita. She passed on last year. Too bad, the woman was a 350 lb national treasure!
If you've been following the saga of Big Sam, worlds largest weiner dog (41 lbs when I got him) we finally have a happy ending. I fostered Sam out of the shelter cause he was reported by his owner turn in as a biter, had a bad case of heart worm, and was 10 lbs overweight, dangerous for a guy with 4" legs., and was overlooked for a month at shelter. We got him heartworm treatment, dieted and walked him down to 36 lbs, and found out Sam would not bite even if you bit him first. A nice woman was all set up to adopt him the Monday, and cancelled on Friday. I was so sorry, cause it seemed like the perfect home. Then I decided to take him to Scooterspals adoptathon at Incredible Pets. Within and hour, I had 3 families lined up begging for Big Sam. A WONDERFUL couple that lives on Red Dog was just enchanted by that big old weiner dog with an even bigger heart, and took him home with them. I insisted on visitation rights, cause I really fell for that sweet sweet soul. Little Kate the Chihuahua actually took Sammie's leash and walked him from our door to the gate for his new parents. Awwww.