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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Looking for where to obtain a burn permit? It's near impossible to catch someone at the building on corner of Ridge and NC Highway, but I have found that if you visit the Firehouse on Coyote (on the east side of Hwy 49) there is always staff there ready to help. Permits are free and good for 2 years, and it shows the number to call to see if it is "OK to burn day."


I have been contacted by a resident asking why some chipping piles sit for months if not years without being chipped. In past years, the chipping was kind of "automatic." If you placed a pile it got chipped when they were in the area. It was then changed to "by written request" (see our link to Nevada County for the request form). So, my guess is that some folks don't know they have to fill out a request. Now, when they restart the program, (hopefully soon) if you submit a request in advance of 1st week of month, and it doesn't happen, call the county and they will tell you where you are on the "list." Also, after they chip, they place an envelope at your door to allow you to submit a "donation." It's a small price to support a great program!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween events here in CS

Well, I hear there will NOT be a Haunted Firehouse this year (darn, it was getting really good scary) but there WILL be a Childrens Party as put on by the Womens Club. So bring your little one to the Firehouse on the 26th at 2-4pm for games, snacks, prizes and costume judging. This is big fun for all, and totally free to you!