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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Amgen Tour 2011/Opossum Trial

It was announced that Lake Tahoe will host the Amgen Tour 2011. Nevada City was hoping for a repeat, but I guess they are spreading the wealth. Oh well, we did it up right in 2010!
Don't know if you've heard of the Carter Livingston case. He is a 19 year old from LOP that hacked a opossum to death (44 chops) in front of 4 onlookers, and it was so entertaining, he posted it on youtube. I went to courthouse today to show support for Humane Treatment of Animals, to sit in on his hearing. About 50 others showed up to do the same. Carter's hearing was postponed till 10/28. We need to send a loud and clear message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated. If you agree, send a note to Deputy Dist. Attorney Katherine Francis asking a maximum penalty for this felony crime.
Nice to see the rain cooling things off and settling the dust. So far, no burning is allowed yet. To find out if it is a burn day, call 274-7928.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gotta Brag here

If you're not a baseball fan, this means nothing. I am, so this is cool. My friend Ron bought tickets to last Sunday's Giants game like 6 months ago when the season first went on sale. So who knew they were going to have a killer season. So, last Sunday, he and I were sitting in row 8, 3rd base when the fabulous San Francisco Giants clinched the Natl League West against the Padres in a TOUGH 3 game series. They lost the first 2 games, but he final score was 3/0 Sunday, and the Padres never got a man past 2nd base. Whew! What a nail biter. AT&T was packed, everyone waiving orange towels, the fanship was amazing and it was a beautiful San Francisco Day.
A few years ago the Homeowners put together a CERT class at the Firehouse. If you wanted to join, you were trained to be a First Responder, and learned first aid, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, artificial respiration, and some other techniques. They also just taught us how to stay calm in the face of emergency, which is definitely easier when you know what to do. Well, on the way home from the Giants game, in an absolutely packed Bart car, the young woman standing right in front of Ron and I fainted right into Ron, then began having Grand Mal seizures in rapid succession. Thanks to that wonderful class I took, I was able to take care of her for the full 20 minutes before the para-medics arrived. It felt really good when I easily remembered exactly what to do, and all ended well. Thank you CSHA for making that possible for me, and for the woman. I actually have had 3 medical emergency's thrown at me since I took that class. Maybe they can put it together again.
A very nice woman called me last week about the Firehouse Book exchange. She was worried about the books getting wet if it rained, so offered to throw a tarp over the case. She also said she sometimes took the junky books to her home recycle bin. I started the book exchange 5 years ago, but certainly don't need to be the one to maintain it. I totally appreciate any and all that want to do maintenance, removal of the junk, etc. It is YOUR book exchange. When the real rain comes, most of the books are moved inside the building for the winter, and I keep only the top drawer of the metal cabinet accessible (the bottom drawers can get wet when the snow piles up). Please enjoy, and any helping hand maintaining it you can offer is appreciated.
I heard that one of the foreclosures in Cascade Shores, a cute little yellow house at the corner of Sadie D and Cascade Loop got picked up for under $100K. It was purchased directly from Fannie Mae. WOW. That's got to be a new record.