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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

tid bits

Been gone for a week, returned on Sunday, which was really Rainday. Boy, did it pour! I actually came back from the Bay Area on the #6 California Zephyr Amtrak Train, Emeryville to Colfax, in 3 hours. What a great ride. It's so interesting to see the back side of the towns you usually breeze by on Hwy 80. The train was nearly empty, so I grabbed a window seat on the east side (I know the Bay Views by heart) to see the seldom seen side. I find the back yards, rear of businesses, wrecking yards and hobo (homeless?) camps interesting. Then we traversed the farmlands of Suisun, Fairfield and Vacaville, on into Sacramento. In Sac, we picked up a gentleman from the Railroad Museum who then narrated the rest of the trip. Lots of factoids on the founding of the various towns between Sac and Truckee, where the rock for the bridges was mined, and populations in the heyday. It was great. I put my book away and just took in the ambiance. Trains are such a relaxing friendly way to travel. Unlike planes, children run up and down the aisles, people visit about their destinations, and share travel tips. Everyone seemed more than willing to help another passenger, or chat. I'm thinking I will take Amtrak to visit my friend in San Clemente this winter. Only 12 hours from Emeryville to LA. Why not, I've got the time! The bonus is that is was cheaper than the tank of gas it would have taken for Phil to come and get me. Love it.
The womens club is going to staff the firehouse onto Banner Hill for the Nov. 2 election. If you forget to mail your ballot in time, you can always drop it off at that firehouse, and save yourself a trip to Rood center. The money they earn goes to the CSWC to pay for their wonderful events, like the Halloween party this weekend. Bring your little gremlin/monster/princess down Sat. for games, treats and gift bags. It's always a fun social event, with lots of nutritious snacks for kids and parent. Bring a snack to share if you wish!
Monday is also games day at the Firehouse. Bring your favorite game and a snack.
I heard there were 7 offers by end of day for the house on Artic Close that went to market a short while ago. I guess so, at $89,900. Way cute house. I guess cash is king in this market. Seems you have to have cash to play this real estate game. Lots of great opportunities in Cascade Shores.
I'm still fostering Rocky the wonder chihuahua, which we have nicknamed "Rocco." He is a sweet 10 year old Chi/Pug mix, looking for a forever home. If you love and understand Chi's, or know someone who does, he would make an excellent companion. They are quirky silly little dogs. Loves to love, needs little exercise, travels well, and is crate trained. He really is sweet to "his person" though a little wary of others. He gives me lots of kisses, and is a great car companion too. Not a barker, likes kitties. You can find his picture on Petfinder. And if you ask Dixie, do not believe her when she tells you he is a nasty little fruit-bat. To know him is to love him.
The rain Sunday caused a small landslide at the corner of Summit Ridge and BQH Rd. Roads sure were quick to clean it up. I guess that's because of all the resurfacing going on down BQH Rd. Sure are lots of bigggggg trucks traveling up and down the big hill lately. Any idea when it will end? Your recovery $$$$ at work I guess.