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Thursday, March 31, 2011

OK, I'm going to fess up

I know my neighborhood is in shambles from the snow damage, and some neighbors are really in distress. After the insurance companies, pge and cable contacted, cars repaired or replaced, things will return to normal, (things could be worse, Japan). My across the street neighbors reported they lost not one but two cars, plus main power pole. Stayed home with a borrowed generator. My friend that has a house on Pasquale, and had a renter, had a tree come through the living room roof. The renter (with health problems) had to go to town, as it resulted with a hole in the roof. Dixie and Robert could not get a moving van up the driveway for their move, so she was in the new place with no furniture, he was in the old place with no food/power. Many more stories of difficulty. So, where was I?????
Wellll, I kinda bugged out a week ago and I have been poolside in Arizona. It's been heavenly. Hot days, comfy nights, just the right amount of wind. My kind friends and house-sitters have kept me updated on my place, and I've read the Union for more info (I don't think they know CascadeShores exists!). Will be home soon to survey damage and hopefully observe the beginning of spring. Hang in there neighbors. The silver lining? I think the famous drought is over. Tahoe has received 62 feet of snow this year, 2nd only to 1950, and I guess the Donner Party year. The rivers will be rushing, lakes will be full, farmers will have their water back. Big picture people. Godbless.
You might want to attend the CSHA annual meeting at the firehouse this Sat. Trade war stories, swap info on people who can help you get things cleaned up. This is a fine community, and everyone seems happy to trade info. Michael Cotton is listed on our service provider list to help you with your tree needs, as can new resident Brian Bixler also a tree guy. Lots of work to go around.
Have you clicked on Weather on lower left side of home page? Roland Fassett has a BEAUTIFUL gallery of pics, and great constantly up to date temps and conditions site. Nice work Roland. Thanks for keeping us up to date on our favorite subject in CS, the weather!