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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Get "Tangled" with your neighbors

Friday, July 1st at 8:30 is the first of the Firehouse Movie Series put on by the Cascade Shores Womens Club. So bring your most comfy chair, a nice blankey, and don't forget the kids. The movie is shown outside in the parking lot, and it's FREE. So fun! "Tangled" is a wonderful animated Disney film based on the story "Repunzel" by the Brothers Grimm, featuring the voices of Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and Donna Murphy. At a reported $260 MIL, it's the most expensive film every produced by Disney. The CSHA is providing the popcorn and drinks, all you have to do is show up at dark o'clock. The Americorp kids are still camping in the Firehouse, so there may be a crowd, but this gives you a chance to thank them for their commitment to making us firesafe here. Hope to see you there.
This is very self serving, but Phil and I bought a lovely 2bed/2bath house on Cascade Dr. that is on the rental market. If you know anyone interested in renting a charming place here in the shores, send them our way. It also has a detached 2 car garage with an extra room over (office?). It really is lovely. Our phone is 530-265-8680. Thanks!
To the person who wrote to me that they can't walk their dogs without fear of them being harassed by other dogs here in the shores, please write to me at I'd like to discuss this. Perhaps I can give you some tips on a safe route. I walk my dogs alot, and without incidence. There are some streets I avoid as a few charging dogs scare me a bit too. It's unfortunate that owners don't understand how intimidating it is to be charged by and unknown dog, regardless of how "friendly" they think their dog is . . . .

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy Bear steals "easy" fish

Pam Herrenkohl reported on her facebook that her son and husband went fishing in Scotts Flat Lake here and caught a 8lb er. Now that's impressive enough, but while they were in the house celebrating with 2am burritos, our friendly neighborhood bear climbed into the boat and tried to make off with the fish. BUSTED! Too funny. Not sure how they talked the bear out of it, of even if they did. After all, she had triplets to feed. Karen Lari got a picture of the trips climbing the tree by her house, they are sooooo cute.
A couple of years ago the paper had an article about a guy in Tahoe that put a pizza in his Mustang convertible, ran into a store, and you guessed it, came out to find a full grown bear in the back seat eating the pizza. WHAT TO DO????
A neighbor called to report that a large white female Shepard mix dog has taken up residence in her yard on Banner Quaker Hill by Gas Canyon. No collar or ID, and no one seems to know who her family is. So, she will be delivered to Sammies Friends shelter on Mc Cortney tomorrow. If you know where she belongs, please clue them in. They said she is sweet and friendly.
Speaking of, Sammies Friends adoptathon was a huge success, and 17 animals went to their forever homes. A few were long term shelter cats, so we're doubly happy for them. Thanks if you went and supported the event.
Driving to the shelter on Sat morn, we saw lots of HUGE yard sales on Mc Cortney. Tis that season too. Some really nice furniture and patio stuff. I just love yard stuff! Farmers markets are in full swing too. Gotta love summer here.
Seems like there are more houses for rent than there are for sale right now. I counted 6 in just a few blocks. I guess we'll be getting a lot of new families between the sales and rentals. Nice to see new faces in the neighborhood. Hope they'll come to the Wed night BBQ/potluck at Lost Mine Lake and get acquainted.
If you are new, be sure to join the CSHA (Homeowners assn) and get your Surburban Propane discount. It's well worth it, at 20-30%. The savings on your first fill will more than pay for your membership. I had a new tank set at my rental home on Cascade Dr, and the first fill was only $1.86 a gallon.
I was talking to Leslie that just bought a house up on Summit Ridge, and she was telling me she had trouble finding an insurance company that would cover a house in Nevada County, due to our high fire hazard factor. I know that Horace Mann Co. and Farmers both insure here if you are looking . . . .