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Thursday, August 1, 2013

My yard sale this weekend/new trail/Bladderwort cleanup

You might know that I volunteer and foster dogs for Scooters Pals.  I also volunteered to have their annual "Barking Lot Sale" at my house this weekend.  So please come by and find your treasure!  100% "goes to the dogs" as Scooters is all volunteer and no one is paid. We've gotten some interesting donations.  Saturday 8:30-4, and Sunday 8:30-12.  Cookies and refreshments served.  Learn about dog rescue!
Went to the Wed. night street fair 2nite. It was a really beautiful evening, and we had a great time.  2 discoveries: (1) on Commercial St.on the right before the ally is Emily's Catering/Dining. A cute little outdoor cafe with wonderful live music and Tappa's.  GREAT FOOD.  No wine, only tea and lemonade, but really nice.
2nd discovery:  Did you know that a trail has been completed that takes you 3 1/2 miles from the 5 Mile House on Hwy 20 to the shores of Scott's Flat lake? It looks gorgeous, and has a beautiful stone bridge with a gargoyle fountain head.  If you can get someone to drop you off, it's not that much further when you get to the lake to walk over the spillway and up to Pasquale.  Probably about 5 miles total.  My new goal for the fall.
Homeowners wants to do a "Bladderwort" clean up on this Sunday.  I know, "what the hell is Bladderwort?"
Sounds like a medical condition, with an STD spin.  But no, it's an algae that grows in the lake, making swimming a slimy experience.  The lake has been treated to kill most of, but some needs to be manually removed.  So come on down Sunday with your kayak or small boat and an iron rake, and help clean it up.  It's fun to get slimy!  Lost Mine Lake, this Sunday. If you don't want to help, come down with a chair and beer for the entertainment value!