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Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday, Big Hill Report

It is 11:30am and the plow just went by for his first round in this block since 6:30am. The snow/ice is thick, and folks are getting stuck and spinning wheels on the Big Hill. I don't suggest it. There is an accumulation of about 2feet of snow in the front yard. Snow falling since 4pm Thursday. On the bright side, it's a beautiful winter wonderland, if you are on the inside looking out! Be careful out there. No snow at this moment in NC or GV. If you want to see for yourself, check their live webcams. or

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our first snow is here!

Well, if you are reading this, but you are not here, the snow has arrived! A steady but light amount has been falling since 10am, and at 1PM the plow began moving it off the road. Traffic is light but moving, and I am watching folks braving the hill (up and down) at a nice careful pace. It is BEAUTIFUL, and the perfect day to watch football and snow, with a big pot of soup on the stove. Hope you are enjoying. I'll try to warn if the Big Hill get's ugly. (My house if right on what we call the "flight line." We watch em drive up, and slide back down, backwards and spinning on the icy days)

Kids Party Huge Success

If you did not go to the Santa Kids party Saturday at the Firehouse, here's what you missed: DOZENS of littleones sitting on Santa's Lap (big items this year, dolls (who knew) video games, WORLD PEACE, and one REAL pony request. The 3 elves were there (courtesy of the Harrisons) to help kids with 2 craft projects, bingo with prizes, and a huge ornament pinata. Great treats, really creative gift bags, punch and xmas music, and lots of smiles. Thank you Womens Club for creating these wonderful memories for the children of Cascade Shores. Wish I'd grown up here! Look for pics in the gallery (I'll get them there soon.)