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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Traveling Tortoise and Taco Tuesdays

Awwwww story of the day:
The inmate firefighters from Washington Ridge have been cutting and burning manzanita at Lost Mine Lake. They will put in 3 days. Today, their 2nd, they found the "traveling Tortoise" in amongst the manzanita. There have been flyers all over Cascade Shores since Sunday for TT's family looking for him, and offering a reward. Apparently, he was mixing it up with the local turtles in the lake, because Gary Kilday tells me that when they found him he had a fish hook in his mouth. Don't fret, cause he's ok. I saw Gary today awaiting TT's Momma picking him up. A happy ending, and many thanks to the inmate/firecrew that found him! Talk about a needle in a haystack . . . . .
I saw that the General Store is now having $1 Taco Tuesdays, from 5:30 - 7:00, and I hear they're pretty good! That's a great reason not to cook . . . . .
It's supposed to be cool and drizzly this week. Perfect weather for burning. Permits needed, and always call 274-7928 to see if it's a permittable burn day.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boy is Scott's Flat Lake Full!

Phil and Dixie and I took the kayaks out on the big lake today. It is full, full, full. Almost no beach on our side. The water is very swimmable and deep dark green. Many happy boaters, skiiers and sailors out today. The next full moon is around the 6th. We always try to go out and kayak on full moon nights. It's amazing out there. Try to join us!

The intoxicating smell of the wild azalia

2night I took Jenna Dog for a lazy walk on the path that takes you all around Lost Mine Lake. First, let me set the scene. When I arrived in the parking lot, it was comfortably warm, and quiet other than the occasional squak of a bird. Heather was there on the beach with her 3 beautiful little girls, all 3 splashing happily in the pond, their father was sitting on the bench gazing at his family. As I walked the first leg to the dog beach (about 250 ft from the bathrooms) I encountered a 5 year old boy seriously contemplating his fishing with his young Dad. It was a very Norman Rockwell moment. I noticed that the water lillies were in bloom, and the bull frogs croaking. I was also overwealmed with the scent of the wild azalias, which smell much like gardenias or plumerias. It reminded me of the smell of Hawaii. The further I walked, the more abundant were the azalia bushes, and the smell hung heavier and heavier in the air. Half way around the lake I had to just stop and take in the beauty of the whole scene, as I could see across to the young fisherman, and hear 3 giggling sisters as they enjoyed their swim, and tried to get closer to the small goose family so they could see the 4 babies, as the orange glow of the setting sun lit up the white cliffs. It was one of those moments where you just say, "Thank you God for placing me at this spot in this time."
Bottom line, go see and smell the flowers before they fade. Take the time to walk around the lake (always stay left when the path forks). It takes only minutes, and can last a lifetime.


I just got my second bear sighting report of the season. Karen Lari on Summit Ridge saw mom and babes, and Robin Williams (not that Robin Williams) neighbors have signed some by his place. Now, I hope this doesn't alarm you. Our Black bears and smart, and shy. Any noise or dogs barking usually will scare them off. It is important that we co-exist peacefully with them. So, remember, no pet food or bird food or garbage stored on decks. Don't put your garbage can out till the am of pick up. If you walk out and one is sitting on the porch (it happened to us last year) just make a U-turn, go inside, put on light and bang a pot or pan. Bears will move on if there is nothing (food) to be gained by hanging at your place. If you need more tips, go to By the way, there is NO bear relocation program in Calif, so calling Sheriff or Animal Control probably won't get you far, unless you have a really unruly, sick, injured or persistant bear. I have been within 10 feet of a few of the local bears, and believe me, they were more alarmed at me, than me at them. THEY though I was the bogeyman!