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Sunday, May 31, 2009


I just got my second bear sighting report of the season. Karen Lari on Summit Ridge saw mom and babes, and Robin Williams (not that Robin Williams) neighbors have signed some by his place. Now, I hope this doesn't alarm you. Our Black bears and smart, and shy. Any noise or dogs barking usually will scare them off. It is important that we co-exist peacefully with them. So, remember, no pet food or bird food or garbage stored on decks. Don't put your garbage can out till the am of pick up. If you walk out and one is sitting on the porch (it happened to us last year) just make a U-turn, go inside, put on light and bang a pot or pan. Bears will move on if there is nothing (food) to be gained by hanging at your place. If you need more tips, go to By the way, there is NO bear relocation program in Calif, so calling Sheriff or Animal Control probably won't get you far, unless you have a really unruly, sick, injured or persistant bear. I have been within 10 feet of a few of the local bears, and believe me, they were more alarmed at me, than me at them. THEY though I was the bogeyman!

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