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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The intoxicating smell of the wild azalia

2night I took Jenna Dog for a lazy walk on the path that takes you all around Lost Mine Lake. First, let me set the scene. When I arrived in the parking lot, it was comfortably warm, and quiet other than the occasional squak of a bird. Heather was there on the beach with her 3 beautiful little girls, all 3 splashing happily in the pond, their father was sitting on the bench gazing at his family. As I walked the first leg to the dog beach (about 250 ft from the bathrooms) I encountered a 5 year old boy seriously contemplating his fishing with his young Dad. It was a very Norman Rockwell moment. I noticed that the water lillies were in bloom, and the bull frogs croaking. I was also overwealmed with the scent of the wild azalias, which smell much like gardenias or plumerias. It reminded me of the smell of Hawaii. The further I walked, the more abundant were the azalia bushes, and the smell hung heavier and heavier in the air. Half way around the lake I had to just stop and take in the beauty of the whole scene, as I could see across to the young fisherman, and hear 3 giggling sisters as they enjoyed their swim, and tried to get closer to the small goose family so they could see the 4 babies, as the orange glow of the setting sun lit up the white cliffs. It was one of those moments where you just say, "Thank you God for placing me at this spot in this time."
Bottom line, go see and smell the flowers before they fade. Take the time to walk around the lake (always stay left when the path forks). It takes only minutes, and can last a lifetime.

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