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Saturday, July 9, 2011

3 new and wonderful reasons to visit Nevada City

First, the Crazy Horse Saloon on Commercial St. has reopened (same owners) as a Frozen Yogurt parlor, with a grocery selection. Going there tomorrow. Heard it's pretty cool, and pretty cool.
Second, Pete's Pizza in Grass Valley has opened a parlor in NC, and you can buy by the slice, which is ABOUT TIME. Why should you have to commit to a whole pizza when a slice will do? Third, a new wine tasting room, (not sure what st) which makes it 5 tasting rooms. How fun is it to hop from wine shop to wine shop, then make a return trip to pic up your fav's. Loving it. Indian Springs Winery on Broad/Pine always has fun evening events too, if you have not checked that out.
So many beautiful homes in our neighborhood for sale right now. Just came back from an open house at Toni's on corner of Nugget/Pasquale, around the corner from here, a really lovely serene 3 bedroom/2 bath house. Her husband Bill, (RIP) was more than a nice guy. He was a great woodwooker. The house has so many beautiful custom touches. The master bathroom just makes you want to jump in with it's hardwood surround tub. The kitchen screams "throw a party and invite everyone you know." The covered deck off the living room is perfect for snuggling and watching the snow fall (or the leaves) and has a trap door that takes you down to garage, plus an inside route to garage. All new paint, with a 2 car attached garage and shed. Too many custom touches to name. And she is asking $265K. Are you kidding???? 15515 Nugget. Check it out.
Missed the Airfest~Friday night and Sat. only. Too bad, it's the best, and it's every other year. Oh well! I thought it was Sunday too.
The Union had a story about a group of people who had planted vintage roses at the cemetery on Red Dog (the one on the right coming up Red Dog towards Quaker Hill). I did a little detour through it today and was amazed at the huge collection of blooming plants that are now thriving there. It has a transformed that gray, drab, but totally interesting historical graveyard into a Renoir painting! If you like graveyards (I admit, I do) you must stop and "smell the roses." Whoever you are, you guys did a great job of cheering up a boneyard. Many Nevada City founding fathers/mothers buried there. So interesting to live in the midst of such California History. I'll take pics to share next time. Wish the Union would do follow up stories on that sort of thing with pics. Some good news would be nice once in a while.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Words to the wise

Just saw a fire truck pass the house with siren/light going. Not sure their mission (fire or emt) but reminder: BURN SEASON IS OVER! No more burning your slash and yard waste till the rainy season (November?). Please observe. The fine for violation is hefty, but the risk of lighting Cascade Shores like a roman candle is horrifying. Please be fire safe, and keep doing the great work of cleaning up the downed stuff on your property. The county chipper is still making the rounds, so place your branches on the edge of your property at the road, with the stems facing out so they can grab and chip. Do not stack higher than 4'. I imagine they will be chipping throughout the summer. If I hear different, I'll let you know. Chippers can be rented at Green and Gold, or you can hire local tree people (Michael Cotton or Brian Bixler). Check out service provider list on for their contact info.
Pam Herrenkohl who manages Lost Mine Lake would like to remind everyone that the summer rules are in effect, NO DOGS ON LAWN AREA of Lost Mine Lake. I love dogs as much as anyone, but toddlers and dogs in a swimming/barefoot area do not mix well. There is a great doggie beach area on the path right of the bathrooms, so take Fido there for a swim or trek around the lake, but please do not bring him to picnic area. I know, we all get accustomed to letting the dogs hang out during the winter months, but please respect the summer rules. Also, please clean up after your dog when on the path. We'll place plastic bags by the gate in case you forget them. This is pretty much the only rule at LML, so it is much appreciated if it is observed. It is for the safety and comfort of all.
I watched a beautiful Robin make a nest right over my kitchen door, and she raised one chick, who left about a week ago. Then I noticed her sitting in the nest again, and when I checked there is another single blue egg. Is this common? I did not know they had singles, or that they reused the nest. Anyway, it makes me happy that she feels safe even though Phil and I and dogs are cats enter and exit thru that door all day long! I also just restocked the bird feeders for the first time this year, and it's an all day buffet around here. Love the huge assortment of birds in the Shores. So fun to watch. Anna across the street feeds her hummers all year. She must have 3 different types/colors visiting her house. They zoom right over my head when I come to her door.
I take pine cones, lather some peanut butter in between the layers, put it a plastic bag with bird seed and give a good shake to get it all coated with seed. Then hang it from a tree with a piece of wire. The squirrels go CRAZY for it. They hang upside down off the pine cone enjoying the treat. Must be the equivalent of me with a piece of cheesecake in the enjoyment level!
I admit it, I'm all absorbed in the Casey Anthony trial. Sick, I know. I'm betting on a less than 1st degree verdict from the jury. That buffoon of an attorney, Jose Baez actually did create a bit of doubt whether it was an accident or homicide, but can we agree that this child had to have died from severe neglect at least . . . . certainly one of the most bizarre trials since O.J. I was addicted to that one too.