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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finally, a burn day and rain on the way!

Hi all,
Yesterday and today were burn days, FINALLY. I guess that's cause the percipitation (rain) we've all been waiting for is on the way, today through next week. Temps predicted in the low 30's, so it would seem we'll see the white stuff. Looks like everyone around here is ready, with wood covered and piles of fall out burning. Let's get this party started!
So, my new notebook has a real trigger finger. The other day I was having two email conversations, one with my Atlanta cousin who sadly informed me her sister-in-law "woke up dead" to the surprise of all. Since they are Jewish, they were "sitting Shiva" with her brother, which is the Jewish custom of staying at his side for 5 days to show support.
The second conversation was with a fellow dog rescuer who was telling me about the cute French bulldog/terrier mix just rescued from a shelter. So, thinking I was chatting with the rescue person I emailed back, "SOUNDS CUTE. SEND PICS." Unfortunately I sent it to Atlanta cousin. Oh dear. She replied "WHAT??????????" I better be a little more careful . . . .

So, it's now Saturday and no snow. Boo-hoo. Missing the white stuff.