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Monday, February 17, 2014

A note from the (now defunct) Cascade Shores Women's Club

Sad when the old traditions dissolve, but I suppose it's time for something new:

Charlotte Starn
To Anna ReesBev TamoCarol Carter and 25 More...
 Today at 8:56 PM
February 17, 2014
Dear CSWC Member:
It’s been a long run and now CSWC has come to an end!  We, like many clubs, face a familiar situation – many members but few helpers.
We would like to thank all the past and present members that came forward and helped with the Kids Parties, the Election volunteering and other events.  We are grateful for your help and you will not be forgotten!   You’re a great bunch!
There are several items that the officers considered:
·       The Treasury funds:
The remaining funds were distributed to local charities.
·       Party Supplies:
The supplies will stay in the firehouse.  Jenny Kleckner-Shandrew, a member of CSWC, has offered to carry on the Kids Parties under the auspices of CSHA.  She will have full use of the supplies in the attic for the parties.  Anyone interested in helping with the parties, please contact Jenny at 265-0886 or email her at
She will be able to tell you what she needs the most help with.
Also, CSHA (Cascade Shores Homeowners Association) President, Harry Wanderer, said that we can still use the firehouse for community related events.  So, if you have something you think the community would enjoy participating in – please contact CSHA. 
All the club members can still get together and do things together – movies, lunches etc.  Friendships are precious and we have 2014 to keep those friendships strong and vibrant! 
Game Day still lives on:  1st Monday of the month at 1:00pm at the firehouse - bring your own drink and a snack to share.  Please join us if you can!
Charlotte Starn, President & Secretary
Karen Hatton, Treasurer
Linda Lumos, Party Coordinator
Jan Guevel, Email Coordinator