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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another great house/deal in Cascade Shores

12942 Spanish Lane. This is a short sell (patience) but is listed at $179K now. This is a great 3/2 that shows very well. Clean and pretty, with a nice bedroom/bath that were added a few years ago. What a nice house, and Spanish Lane is a really nice street. So many great homes for sale in the shores right now, though many do seem to be finding new owners. I think this housing debacle may have a silver lining. All the homes that were not well kept seem to have "turned over" and have new owners that are bringing them up to their potential. Lots are being cleared, helping with our fire safety. In the end, we may have a more consistent look, and lots of interesting new neighbors. As they say, the only thing you can count on is CHANGE. The times they are a changin'.
Isn't the weather just perfect? Went and floated on the lake yesterday, and it could not have been nicer. From 2-4pm not a single motor boat on the lake. Just me, a floatie, little Kate the Chi-Chi and a whole lotta sunshine. Paradise. On the way out I realized the shrubs were holding a bounty of wild raspberries. Yum. It's still blackberry season too. The vege stands are carrying the heirlook tomato's now too. Joy.
So far, Herve and Jeremy are doing an amazing job painting our home. They are tidy and fast! Check it out when you drive by. Corner of BQH and Pasquale. They both live here in the shores (father and son) and you can't find nicer guys.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scooters Pals blowout yard sale Sat.

139 Joersche St, across from Weiss Bros Nursery, 8:30 till 5pm Sat. A warehouse full of treasures, plus wonderful baked goods. I'm making Green Tea shortbread cookies and chocolate espresso cookies. If you're nice, I'll give you the super simple recipe for the Choc. espresso's, which are AWESOME if I do say so myself. The Green Tea cookies are my own invention, so I'd obviously have to kill you if you got the recipe. Anyway, please come to support Scooters continuing effort to rescue wonderful deserving dogs from high kill shelters (meaning that every week, approximately 70% of their dogs and cats die cause no one showed up to adopt them). You can pick up some great items, baked goods or grab a lunch snack. Also, if you want to donate books, they sell them on ebay. So easy to help our furry friends. You can also find out how to become a foster parent to some sweet little baby, if you have been considering. Scooters pay's the vet, food and meds on such animals. You just give them a loving "soft place to fall" while they await their forever home. Thanks to all the wonderful staff and volunteers at our shelter, Sammies Friends, the euthanasia rate is under 1%. What an awesome team.

Blessings, and kiss your pup if you are lucky enough to have one . . . .
Went to the Yuba river today with friends. It's friggin cold. It was wonderful and refreshing, but I think I'm back to our nice warm lake tomorrow. Felt just like the snow melt that it was. The scenery and white water was breathtaking though.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Need help with your utility bills?

In case you are not aware, there are two great programs to help you with utility bills if you are low income. LIHEAP is a county program that will help you with PG&E, Propane or Wood (your choice). Call 265-1388 for info to see if you qualify.
CARE is a PGE program that can get you a 15% discount if you can qualify. The number is 800-743-5000.
Hope this info in helpful.
Check for info on these programs.
EC wrote me back for an ABFAB night. Anyone else???
There is a darling doxie named Mona available at GV shelter. Also, Scooterspals has one name Sushi, young, sweet and very male oriented. Anyone looking for a darling wiener dog to love? I can hook you up!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Very Scary Dog Attack on BQH Hill

Just got news that last night 2 loose pit bull's jumped into a fenced yard on BQH by the store and attacked the resident Aussie Shepherd. A very brave neighbor heard the commotion and ran over to break it up. One of the Pitty's left, but the other challenged him and stayed in the yard. I don't have a description of the Pitty's other than white with substantial collars on. DO YOU KNOW WHERE THEY BELONG? If so, please let me know and I will pass info on to the doggie victims family and Animal Control. This business of letting dogs roam around here with so many kids and cars and other FENCED IN dogs is crazy.
Hey EC, want to get together for wine and ABFABATHON???? I need to be with "my own kind" when I watch that show.
Hey Patti G, your neighbor had his lot cleaned. Looks super good. You will like.